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The Deaconship: A Treatise on the Biblical Office (Lorimer)

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Classic work on the office of deacon in the Presbyterian church by John G. Lorimer, minister in the Free Church of Scotland in the mid-19th century. This volume provides a comprehensive overview of diaconal ministry from the nature and importance of the office, its divine authority, its history in the church, the biblical qualifications and duties of the deacon, and the practice of the diaconate in the Free Church of Scotland.
"In this wonderful treatise he traced out the history of the office in the early church, providing OT background, before examining the decline of the office, which plagued his beloved church in his days. One of the most fruitful aspects of the book has to do with his explanation of the reasons for the near extinction of the office in it biblical form. The rationale he offers for the demise of the office seem to revisit the church from time to time and so deserve our study so as to avoid such a travesty." — Rev. Dr. C. N. Willborn
Excerpt: “Animated by the spirit of his office, and acting out the character which the counsels of the Word imply, [a deacon] will not be haughty, or harsh, or suspicions, he will not be cold, and formal, and repulsive, discharging his work as if it were a burden; he will be frank and easy in his intercourse with the poor and take an interest in their avocations, their health, and welfare; kind, and tender, and sympathising, especially when in sickness; but withal firm, and not easily persuaded to what his judgment does not approve. He will also have a deep conviction of the insufficiency of all his efforts to benefit the poor of his charge without the blessing of God, and hence he will not fail to seek the blessing in the exercise of diligent and persevering prayer for the Holy Spirit.”