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The End of Me: Finding Resurrection Life in the Daily Sacrifice's of Motherhood (Wann)

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There are many books on motherhood but not many that talk about how hard it is – physically, mentally, and spiritually – and what to do when you reach your limits.

When Liz Wann became a mother, she was unprepared for how hard it would be. In this book, she writes honestly about these deeply challenging aspects of motherhood and how God works through them to make us more like his Son.

“Coming to the end of who I was, and what motherhood was stripping me of, was a good thing that drove me to Christ and to the power that he supplies in every failure and weakness of motherhood.”

This short, easy-to-read book encourages mothers to depend on Christ when they reach their limits. They will find that God will supply what they need to cope with the daily sacrifices and challenges of motherhood, and that he will use these struggles to make them more like Christ.

Liz has been involved with the ministries of Risen Motherhood and Revive Our Hearts, writing about how God has been working in her life through the hardships of motherhood.


Liz Wann lives in West Philadelphia with her husband Josh and their three children. She is a regular contributor to, Revive Our Hearts, and She is also editor-in-chief at Morning by Morning. She can be found online at


We all learn by experience that life’s most rewarding things are often also life’s most difficult things. Parenting is certainly no exception, and part of what makes it so tough is the sense of failure that so often accompanies it. If you’re a parent, and specifically a mother, who is aware of your failings, aware of your shortcomings, aware that you aren’t exactly the mother you thought you’d be, then this book is for you. Its promise is not that it will make mothering easy, but that it will point you to the hope and confidence God offers you through the gospel of Jesus Christ. -Tim Challies, Blogger; author, Seasons of Sorrow

Two things ring true for most moms. One is that we often enter into motherhood with confident excitement and hopeful expectations. The second is - reality always hits. Although motherhood is a blessing and a gift, sooner or later, challenges, stresses, and the unexpected begin to shake our confidence and bring us to the end of ourselves. And we wonder - am I the only one? For that reason, I’m thankful that Liz Wann has written “The End of Me” to every mom who feels they fall short of the mom that they desire to be. With a fresh and honest perspective Liz not only acknowledges the realities of motherhood, she shows us how the weakness and insecurities we face may be the very things that lead us to a strength beyond ourselves - a strength that comes only through Jesus. -Sarah Walton, Author, Hope When It Hurts