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The End Times Made Simple (Waldron)

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Calvary Press Publishing

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Rapture? Pre-Trib? Post-Trib? Millenium? Confused? You should be! In today's Evangelical Christian world, eschatology or the study of the "last things" has been turned into a sort of pseudo-science with a plethora of authors claiming to know exactly the scenario of events that are to take place just prior to the Lord Jesus Christ's return.

Samuel Waldron's thesis is that there is This Age, and The Age to Come..we will be, or are, in either one or the other. Any "End Times" system that forms a hybrid of these two, or contradicts this simple formula, is unbiblical, and should be rejected.


Table of Contents:

Part 1: How Old Is Your Eschatology? 

1. Needed – A Gospel Eschatology 

2. But How Could Everyone Be So Wrong? 

Part 2: Eschatology Made Simple! 

3. A Matter of Interpretation

4. The Bibles Own System 

5. The Bible’s Own System – The Basic Scheme 

6. The Bible’s Own System – The Enhanced Scheme 

7. The Dividing Line – The General Judgment

8. The Coming of the Kingdom Introduced 

9. The Coming of the Kingdom in Christ’s Parables 

10. The Coming of the Kingdom in Paul’s Prose

11. The Coming of the Kingdom in John’s Vision

12. The Coming of the Kingdom: In John’s Vision – The Millennium on Earth

13. The Coming of the Kingdom: In John’s Vision – The Millennium in Heaven 

Part 3: Next Question Please!

Section 1: Questions Related to the Present Gospel or Church Age 

14. What Does the Bible Say About Heaven?

15. Sheol, Hades, and Hell 

16. The Prospects of the Church During the Gospel Age – Tribulation?

17. Are Israel and the Church Distinct Peoples of God?: The Unity of, and Continuity Between, the Church and Israel 

18. Are Israel and the Church the Same? 

Section 2: Questions Related to the Imminent Return of Christ 

19. Has Christ Already Come? 

20. Can the Date of Christ’s Coming Be Calculated? 

21. Will Christ Come Before the Final Tribulation?: Arguments Against Pretibulationism

22. Arguments for Pretibulationism Answered 

Section 3: Questions Related to the Resurrection 

23. What Does the Bible Teach About the Resurrection? 

Section 4: Questions Related to the Eternal State 

24. Endless Punishment 

25. Heaven on Earth? 



Dr. Samuel E. Waldron is noted pastor, author and teacher. He holds a Th.M from Grand Rapids Baptist Seminary and a Ph.D from Southern Seminary in Louisville, KY.