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The Essential Trinity: New Testament Foundations and Practical Relevance (Crowe & Trueman)

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The doctrine of the Trinity is foundational to Christian theology. A careful study of the whole counsel of God, rather than a selective reading of biblical texts, brings needed clarity. In a work geared especially toward leaders in the church, scholars of the Trinity give Old Testament background, provide trinitarian readings of the entire New Testament corpus, and explore the practical relevance of the doctrine to prayer, worship, and other aspects of Christian life and ministry.


Table of Contents:

Introduction – Brandon D. Crowe and Carl R. Trueman

Part 1: New Testament Foundations

1. The Trinity and the Gospel of Matthew – Brandon D. Crowe

2. The Trinity and the Gospel of Mark – Daniel Johansson

3. The Trinity and Luke-Acts – Alan J. Thompson

4. The Trinity and the Gospel of John – Richard Bauckham

5. Paul and the Trinity – Brian S. Rosner

6. Hebrews and the Trinity – Jonathan I. Giffiths

7. The Trinity and the General Epistles – Brandon D. Crowe

8. An Apocalyptic Trinitarian Model: the Book of Daniel’s Influence on Revelation’s Conception of the Trinity – Benjamin L. Gladd

9. The Trinity and the Old Testament: Real Presence or Imposition? – Mark S. Gignilliat

Part 2: Practical Relevance

10. The Mystery of the Trinity – Scott R. Swain

11. The Trinity and Prayer – Carl R. Trueman

12. The Trinity and Revelation – Mark D. Thompson

13. The Trinity and Worship – Robert Letham

14. The Trinity and Preaching – Michael Reeves 



Brandon D. Crowe (MDiv, Reformed Theological Seminary; PhD, University of Edinburgh) is associate professor of New Testament at Westminster Theological Seminary and Book Review Editor for the Westminster Theological Journal.

Carl R. Trueman (MA, Cambridge University; PhD, Aberdeen University) is professor of church history at Westminster Theological Seminary in Philadelphia and pastor of Cornerstone OPC in Ambler, Pennsylvania. 



“Today there are many books on the market dealing with the doctrine of the Trinity. This is my favorite. It is a clear presentation, discussion, and application of the historic doctrine by people who believe it and have studied it deeply. The essays have kept close to their source, the teaching of the Holy Scriptures. . . . I do not agree with every detail of every essay; they do enter into some controversial areas. But the reader will learn even from that controversy to engage the Scriptures with more thought and devotion.” — John M. Frame, Professor of Systematic Theology and Philosophy, Reformed Theological Seminary, Orlando

“What a pleasure to commend this book—an exegetical treasure, unpacking the doctrine of the Trinity on the Bible’s own terms; a refreshing presentation of the doctrine’s vital importance for the Christian and the church; and a rich resource for the preacher.” — Fred G. Zaspel, Executive Editor, Books at a Glance; Associate Professor of Christian Theology, The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary; Pastor, Reformed Baptist Church, Franconia, Pennsylvania