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Evidences of Christianity

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Dagg's view of Christian Evidences is anchored in the reservoir of truth the Bible. As one reads the words flowing from the pen of this Southern theologian it becomes obvious that his studies were exceptionally broad. He had a grasp historically and philosophically of the major views and yet one is not burdened with technicalities. His knowledge of the literature in the field was extensive. he was a very learned man. The volume is smooth in its readability. Dagg is the kind of writer that you wish wrote more, more often and longer books. - From the Foreword


Table of Contents:
Chapter I: Prominent Singularities
Sec. 1. Antiquity
Sec. 2. Nationality
Sec. 3. Respect obtained
Sec. 4. Character Claimed
Chapter II: Beneficial Effects
Sec. 1. On Morals
Sec. 2. On Happiness
Sec. 3. Objection Answered,
Chapter III: Perfect Morality
Sec. 1. Perfect Precept
Sec. 2. Perfect Example
Chapter IV: Superhuman Doctrine
Sec. 1. Superiority to Man’s Invention
Sec. 2. Adaptedness to Man’s Invention
Sec. 3. Completeness of System
Sec. 4. Connection with Morality
Sec. 5. Beneficial Tendency
Sec. 6. Experimental Proof
Sec. 7. Connection with Historical Facts
Chapter V: Truthful History
Sec. 1. Credibility of History
Sec. 2. Gospel History
Sec. 3. Testimony of the Church
Sec. 4. Written Records
Sec. 5. Christian Fathers
Sec. 6. Heathen Testimony
Sec. 7. Jewish Testimony
Sec. 8. Incidental Confirmation
Sec. 9. Internal Proof
Sec. 10. Monumental Proof
Sec. 11. Conclusion
Chapter VI: Prophecy
Sec. 1. General View
Sec. 2. The Messiah
Sec. 3. The Hebrew Nation
Sec. 4. Ancient Cities: Nineveh, Babylon, Tyre
Sec. 5. Tribes and Kingdoms
Sec. 6. The Papacy
Sec. 7. Christ’s Predictions
Sec. 8. Revelation of John: Changes in the Roman Empire, Downfall of the Empire, The Reformation, The Papal Power, Passing and Future Events
Sec. 9. Date of the Prophecies
Chapter VII: Miracles
Sec. 1. Credibility of Miracles
Sec. 2. Propagation of Christianity
Sec. 3. Miracles of Christ and his Apostles
Sec. 4. Attestation given by these Miracles
Sec. 5. Old Testament Miracles
Sec. 6. Objection answered
Sec. 7. Mahometanism not attested by Miracles
Chapter VIII: Authenticity
Sec. 1. New Testament
Sec. 2. Old Testament
Sec. 3. Preservation
Chapter IX: Inspiration
Sec. 1. Plenary Inspiration
Sec. 2. Old Testament
Sec. 3. New Testament
Sec. 4. Mode of Inspiration
Sec. 5. Objections to Plenary Inspiration
Chapter X: Harmony with Science
Sec. 1. Geography
Sec. 2. Natural History
Sec. 3. Copernican System of Astronomy
Sec. 4. Geology
Sec. 5. Plurality of Worlds
Sec. 6. Unity of the Human Race
Chapter I: Historical Evidences
Sec. 1. Dr. Lardner
Sec. 2. Agreement of New Testament History with Jewish and Pagan Writings
Sec. 3. Christian Testimonies
Sec. 4. Jewish Testimonies
Sec. 5. Heathen Testimonies
Sec. 6. Testimony of Monuments
Sec. 7. Testimony of Heretics
Sec. 8. Internal Proof
Sec. 9. Old Testament History
Chapter II: Fulfilment of Prophecy
Sec. 1. In the Old Testament
Sec. 2. In the Gospels
Sec. 3. In the Revelation of John
Chapter III: Pretended Miracles
Chapter IV: Mahometanism
Chapter V: Miscellaneous Extracts
Chapter VI: Harmony of the Gospels



John Leadley Dagg (1794-1884), born in Loudoun County, Virginia, lived to be over 90 years old. He died in June 1884, as one of the most respected men in American Baptist life, and remains one of the most profound thinkers produced by his denomination