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The Exemplary Husband (Scott)

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The Exemplary Husband is designed to be a companion volume to Martha Peace’s The Excellent Wife. In it, Stuart Scott addresses the struggles and responsibilities associated with being a godly husband. This practical and life-changing book looks to the Lord Jesus Christ as the husband’s example. Husbands, read this biblically based book and heed its wisdom for being the godly man God calls you to be in your home.

Table of Contents:

Part One: A Husband’s Recognitions – Foundational Truths for the Exemplary Husband

1. A Husband’s Understanding – Of His Present Condition

2. A Husband’s Understanding – Of God

3. A Husband’s Understanding – Of Man and Sin

4. A Husband’s Understanding – Of Relationships

5. A Husband’s Understanding – Of Marriage

6. A Husband’s Understanding – Of His Role

Part Two: A Husband’s Responsibilities – Faithful Commitments of the Exemplary Husband

7. A Husband’s Responsibility – Worshiping Christ Only

8. A Husband’s Responsibility – Love

9. A Husband’s Responsibility – Leadership-Part I

10. A Husband’s Responsibility – Leadership-Part II

11. A Husband’s Responsibility – Physical Intimacy

12. A Husband’s Responsibility – Stewardship

Part Three: A Husband’s Resolves – Fundamental Commitments of the Exemplary Husband

13. A Husband’s Resolve – Humility and Service

14. A Husband’s Resolve – Sensitivity

15. A Husband’s Resolve – Helping His Wife Deal With Her Sin

16. A Husband’s Resolve – Good Communication

17. A Husband’s Resolve – Conflict Resolution

Part Four: A Husband’s Regrets: Fatal Sins to the Exemplary Husband

18. A Husband’s Regret – Anger

19. A Husband’s Regret – Anxiety and Fear

20. A Husband’s Regret – Lust

21. When All Is Said and Done