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The Gospel of Jesus Christ (Washer)

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In this powerful booklet, Pau
l Washer escorts readers through a biblical overview of the good news about Jesus. Presenting passage after passage from the Bible, Washer describes the holy character of God, the human problem of sin, and the divine solution found in Jesus’s redemptive life, death, and resurrection for all who repent and believe. If you are interested in knowing the basic claims of the gospel or know someone exploring the truths of Christ, this succinct treatment of the greatest news the world has ever heard is just what you need.

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Paul Washer ministered as a missionary in Peru for 10 years, during which time he founded the HeartCry Missionary Society to support Peruvian church planters. Paul now serves as one of the laborers with the HeartCry Missionary Society ( He and his wife Charo have four children: Ian, Evan, Rowan, and Bronwyn He has written many bestsellers, including the Recovering the Gospel series and The Gospel of Jesus Christ tract.  



“Nothing is more beautiful than the gospel, the good news that God saves sinners through Jesus Christ. Nothing is more damning than a false gospel. With the Word of God constantly in view, Paul Washer leads us step by step to know the truth about who God is, who we are, and how we may live with God now and forever. This booklet is medicine for the sinner and food for the saint.” — Dr. Joel R.  Beeke, president, Puritan Reformed Theological Seminary, Grand Rapids, Michigan