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The Happiness of Heaven (Roberts)

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While belief in heaven is essential to the Christian faith, the fact that pilgrim believers have not yet experienced heaven leaves us with many questions about what it will be like. In The Happiness of Heaven, Maurice Roberts surveys Holy Scripture to tell us what heaven is all about. In his characteristic style, Roberts discusses the biblical data clearly and relevantly, making soul-searching application at every turn. This is not just a book of interesting facts about what heaven is like; it is an appeal to men and women to find their happiness in the eternal comfort of God in Christ.

Table of Contents:

  1. Our Need to Believe in Heaven and Hell
  2. Heaven's Creation
  3. Heaven and Sin
  4. Heaven and Salvation
  5. Children and Heaven
  6. Heaven after Death
  7. When the Trumpet Sounds
  8. Heaven and Christ
  9. Heaven a World of Perfection
  10. The Dark Side of Heaven
  11. The Happiness of Heaven



Maurice Roberts is the Minister of the Inverness congregation of the Free Church of Scotland (Continuing). He is well known as a conference speaker in many countries around the world and was editor of the monthly magazine The Banner of Truth from January 1988 to January 2003.



"I have seldom heard a minister preach with more relish, glow, and frequency about heaven than Rev. Maurice Roberts. In The Happiness of Heaven, Roberts shows that same giftedness in writing about the glorious state of eternal bliss. He writes with warmth, conviction, and longing, while not fearing to address biblically the difficult questions in masterful chapters such as ‘Children and Heaven’ and ‘The Dark Side of Heaven.’ This is one of the author’s best books yet. If you’re a believer, it will move you deeply and make you more homesick. Read it repeatedly to lift your soul up above the sin and mundane trivialities of this world and to set your affections on the Triune God and things above." - Joel Beeke