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The Holy Spirit (Geoff Thomas)

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The Holy Spirit is often treated as either a dry doctrine for our mouths to recite or raw power to ignite our emotions. Geoff Thomas shows us that the Holy Spirit is both infinitely glorious and intensely personal. Neither a theory nor a force, the Spirit is God and acts as our God in gathering a people to Himself.

This book follows the scriptural revelation of the Spirit from Genesis to Pentecost to today, covering such topics as His personality and Deity, His inspiration and anointing in the Old Testament, His conviction and regeneration, the spiritual gifts, putting to death sinful deeds by the Spirit, His sealing, and spiritual revival. It will help believers to know how much the Spirit of God loves them, and will help them to love the Spirit with all their hearts—and with Him, the whole Triune God. It may also help unbelievers to begin to thirst for the living water which they desperately need.

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Table of Contents: 

1. The Holy Spirit: the Infinite Personal God 

2. The Holy Spirit in the Old Testament

3. The Inspiration of Old Testament Prophets

4. The Anointing Spirit of God

5. Blaspheming of the Holy Spirit 

6. Asking for the Holy Spirit 

7. Spirit Birthing Spirit 

8. The Father Sends the Counselor 

9. The Spirit Convicts the World of Its Guilt 

10. Preparing for Pentecost 

11. What Happened at Pentecost 

12. The Preaching of Pentecost 

13. Did You Receive the Holy Spirit? 

14. The Spirit Buries Our Misdeeds and Intercedes for Us 

15. The Gifts of the Holy Spirit

16. The Most Excellent Way of Love 

17. The Sealing of the Holy Spirit 

18. The Love of the Holy Spirit 

19. The Holy Spirit and Revival

20. The Authority of the Holy Spirit 

21. The Spirit and Ministry 



"Dr. Geoff Thomas has here given us a book on the theme of the Holy Spirit, which, unlike so many recent books on this subject, can be trusted. As a pastor of many years experience he brings the subject to his readers with vivacity, illustration, and attention to theological accuracy. It will show us what our churches today need and yet not do so by glamorizing the past. It deserves to be widely read." - Maurice Roberts, emeritus pastor in the Free Church of Scotland (Continuing)

"Jonathan Edwards rightly believed that the Father's great gift to the Church is the Holy Spirit, the Spirit of His beloved Son. How sad then that many sectors of professing Christianity failed to understand Him in the past century: liberals because they no longer believed the truth about God; Pentecostals and charismatics because they forgot that the coming of the Spirit ever sheds light in the mind; and evangelicals and reformed believers because they feared to be accused of fanaticism. For a variety of reasons, this situation with regards to evangelical and Reformed Christians is changing for the better and that partly because of solid biblical reflection on the blessed Holy Spirit like this new work by the Welsh pastor Geoff Thomas. Pastor Thomas comes from a tradition that has always honored the Spirit and longed for His power. Pastor Thomas, though, is also deeply rooted in biblical truth and rightly wary of experience that is not infrangibly tied to the Bible, which, it goes without saying, is the creation of the Spirit Himself. I hope this important meditation on the Spirit gets a wide hearing, for there is much biblical wisdom here." - Michael A. G. Haykin, professor of church history and biblical spirituality, The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary