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The King and the Dragon (Shrimpton)

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Hardcover w/Jacket

When the knight slays the dragon in any story, readers and listeners all cheer in celebration. We rejoice because it echoes the Bible—the victory of good over evil is a prominent theme because the Lord came to have final victory over the devil.

In this imaginative story, James Shrimpton teaches children the story of redemption in the Bible through the lens of dragon slaying. With a memorable rhyming style, engaging artwork, and theologically grounded storytelling, this book is perfect for teaching children the story of Christ’s defeat of sin, death, and evil.


James W. Shrimpton (MSc, University of Dundee) is a chartered accountant and hymn writer. He lives in Aberdeen, Scotland, with his wife and children, where they are members of Trinity Church Aberdeen.


“James Shrimpton’s rhyming drama The King and the Dragon brings back memories of reading with our own children and sometimes for the second or third time hearing cries of ‘Again! Again!’ I can well imagine The King and the Dragon will receive the same response in many families. Parents will enjoy reading it out loud, children’s fertile imaginations will be stimulated by its storyline, and—perhaps best of all—both will want to talk about what it all means again and again!”
Sinclair B. Ferguson, Chancellor’s Professor of Systematic Theology, Reformed Theological Seminary; Teaching Fellow, Ligonier Ministries

“Our church benefits regularly from James Shrimpton’s gifts of telling the story of the gospel in poetic words which magnify the Lord Jesus and trace the beauty of the biblical drama. I am thrilled that now many others of all ages can benefit too from this wonderful book. Read and enjoy!”
David Gibson, Minister, Trinity Church, Aberdeen; author, Living Life Backward

“Fantastic book! With remarkable illustrations, The King and the Dragon is a beautiful and captivating tale. The task of communicating the gospel to our children through story is a significant work, and James Shrimpton does this excellently.”
Devon and Jessica Robyn Provencher, authors and illustrator, Big Theology for Little Hearts series