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The Life of Arthur W. Pink (Murray)

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Pink’s biography, first written by Iain Murray in 1981, is here revised and enlarged with the benefit of new material, including some of Pink’s own re-discovered manuscripts. It is the heart-stirring and compelling story of a strong, complex character — a ‘Mr Valiant-for-truth’ who was also a humble Christian.

In 1922 a small magazine — Studies in the Scriptures — began to circulate among Christians in the English-speaking world. It pointed its readership back to an understanding of the gospel that had rarely been heard since the days of C. H. Spurgeon. At the time it seemed as inconsequential as its author, but subsequently Arthur Pink’s writings became a major element in the recovery of expository preaching and biblical living.

Born in England in 1886, A. W. Pink was the little-known pastor of churches in the United States and Australia before he finally returned to his homeland in 1934. There he died almost unnoticed in 1952. By that date, however, his magazine was feeding several of the men who were leading a return to doctrinal Christianity, including Martyn Lloyd-Jones and Douglas Johnson (founder of Inter-Varsity) and, in book form after his death, his writing became very widely read across the world.

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Table of Contents:

  1. A Spiritualist Medium Becomes a Christian
  2. The Emerging Preacher
  3. Spartanburg
  4. Tent Meetings in California
  5. Author and Traveler
  6. Australia: A Mixed Reception  
  7. Australia: Two Pastorates
  8. An Unwanted Preacher, 1928-1930
  9. The Mystery of Providence, 1931-1936
  10. Interpreting Pink’s Isolation
  11. ‘We Believe, and Therefore Speak’
  12. ‘Twenty Thousand Letters’
  13. The Hidden Ministry of Greatest Usefulness
  14. ‘All Things Well’
  15. Pink as a Teacher
  16. Pink on The Sovereignty of God

Appendix 1: Manuscript Material by A.W. Pink

Appendix 2: ‘Not Ashamed of the Gospel’

Appendix 3: Bibliography of Major Writings



A.W. Pink (1886-1952) served as a pastor for churches in Colorado, California, Kentucky, and South Carolina. His ministry brought him throughout the United States, Australia, and Great Britain.



 "We do not idolize him. But we do recognize him as a very unique man of God who can teach us through his pen and trough his life. He was truly “born to write and all the circumstances of his life, even the negative ones he did not understand, propelled him to the fulfilment of that God-ordained purpose." — RICHARD P. BELCHER