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The Missionary Crisis: Five Dangers Plaguing Missions and How the Church Can Be the Solution (Snider)

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Free Grace Press


Foreword by Paul Washer


The Missionary Crisis confronts five dangers facing missionaries and the local churches that send them and gives biblical and practical instruction for missionaries, sending churches, and mission organizations. This book boldly approaches gentle correction for the missionary to reverse these five crises in their ministries. It challenges the local church to prepare and equip men and women for the high calling of missionary life. The focus of this book centers on the importance of the gospel, doctrine, prayer, accountability, and family. The final chapter gives the local church practical counsel to ensure their missionary is not only spiritually healthy according to God’s Word but showing the church how they can come alongside their missionary as the sending agent. 



Paul Snider has been married to his wife, Patricia, for eighteen years. They have two children, Lane and Marianne. Paul and Patricia are missionaries in Papua, Indonesia. They are sent out by Bethany Bible Church in Big Lake, MN.

Paul has been laboring among the northern Korowai tribe in the lowlands of Papua, Indonesia, since 2012. Along with helping establish churches and training indigenous leadership, he has also translated the first Salvation History Catechisms and literacy book in the northern dialect. Paul has worked with HeartCry Missionary Society since 2014, and he desires to equip faithful men who will be able to teach others also (2 Timothy 2:2).



"The church should value The Missionary Crisis by Paul Snider as a hugely helpful resource concerning missions. Paul writes with the advantage of developing a thorough understanding of missions by applying scriptures and biblical principles to front-line mission work deep in Papua’s jungles. The Missionary Crisis correctly emphasizes the gospel’s vital importance, the necessity of sound theology, the non-negotiable qualifications of the missionary’s character and life, and the continuing care he should prioritize for his family. It should be read prayerfully by every missionary, pastor, and church member to understand and practice the vital work of missions biblically and effectively." – Jamey Tucker, HeartCry Missionary Society Asia Coordinator

"Honestly, there should be no need for a book like this in the evangelical church. But the author’s experience and ours prove that much of the church today, starting with pastors and missionaries, has abandoned the apostle Paul’s approach to missions: “I determined not to know anything among you except Jesus Christ and Him crucified.” So in an age where trust in God and His methods and His results has been replaced with the pragmatic inventions of men, this book appears as an honest, passionate call to all who would serve in the Lord’s mission—preach the gospel to yourself, to your family, to your church, and to the world." – Mark Reed, Pastor, Rosemont Baptist Church, Winston-Salem, NC

"For too long have missionaries gone to foreign fields of service unprepared and with little accountability. Paul’s book brings a fresh perspective to missionary life and family. He shines a beam on the various responsibilities of those whom the Lord calls to His harvest fields. It is a much-needed resource for missionaries, mission boards, and churches alike." – Mark Snider, Pastor, Bethany Bible Church, Big Lake, MN

"Paul Snider’s book, The Missionary Crisis, is like looking through a window. He divulges the plight of modern missions with engaging reality. As a missionary, Paul’s perspective will afford the reader a much greater concern for what is called today kingdom advancement. Years ago, a mission director said that “the mission field is littered with uncrucified flesh.” His assessment, both then and now, is accurate. But Paul doesn’t stop after exposing the encumbrances to global missions; he offers biblical and practical solutions to the problems. Local churches, mission agencies, and anyone with an interest in gospel mission enterprise will profit immensely from this superb work." – Don Currin, HeartCry Missionary Society Eastern European Coordinator

"Paul Snider has served the people of Papua Indonesia faithfully, and he is now serving the global church as well with The Missionary Crisis. From the importance of personal piety to theological understanding to local church responsibility, Paul has outlined what plagues the modern missionary movement. If men will heed the truths this book highlights, more and better churches will be established around the globe. Missionaries, pastors, church leaders, and all who love the gospel should read and apply the realities that Paul explains from a biblical foundation." – Anthony Mathenia, Pastor, Christ Church, Radford, VA