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The Monster of Self-Seeking Anatomized (Calamy)

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International Outreach, Inc.
The Monster of Sinful Self-Seeking Anatomized by Edmund Calamy was published in 1655. In it Calamy explores what he calls a spiritual monster with six heads. He explores these heads in detail, as when one who professes to be a Christian, but seeks his own things dividedly from the things of Christ; seeks his own things chiefly and principally; seeks his own things when he pretends to seek the things of Christ; seeks his own things in competition with and in opposition to the things of Christ; and when he seeks the good of his body instead of the good of his soul. He tells us that “Every man by nature, is (Narcissus-like) in love with himself, blind to his own cause, and apt to think that he seeks the things of Christ,when he doth not...So there are multitudes of Christians, who fancy to themselves, that they do seek the things of Christ, when it is apparent to others that they do not: and by this self-deceit cozen themselves into hell.” The book is a strong warning to the church of today. It includes a new introduction by Richard Smith. Newly typeset and modern spellings.