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The Old Testament Yesterday and Today: Essays in Honor of Michael P.V. Barrett (Dodson, ed.)

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This book celebrates Michael P. V. Barrett’s many contributions to the church and the academy.

It covers a variety of topics and is divided into three major sections of essays: historical, exegetical/expositional, and theological.

The historical section covers issues from the ancient Near East to Puritan preaching and the importance of the Reformation. Though these may seem disparate subjects, they reflect Barrett’s love for the world of the Old Testament as well as his allegiance to Protestant and Reformed Christianity.

The exegetical and expositional essays range from Genesis to the poetic literature of the Hebrew Bible, from historical and expositional theology to the details of textual criticism.

Finally, the theological essays focus on three topics dear to Barrett’s heart: Christ in the Old Testament, a biblical and balanced view of God, and the wisdom of Qoheleth.

This variety reflects the breadth and depth of Barrett’s own interest in the issues of reading, interpreting, and proclaiming the Scriptures.

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Table of Contents:

1. The Wisdom of a Father: How the Old Testament Shaped a Home - Charles M. Barrett


2. The Myth of Baal: Anat's Battle in the Valley - John D. Currid

3. The Puritan Preaching of the Old Testament - Joel R. Beeke

4. Protestant Still: Why the Reformation Matters Today - Sean Michael Lucas

Exegetical and Expositional

5. My Two Sons: Abraham and His Heir - Rhett P. Dodson

6. Wrestling with Luther and Calvin at the Jabbok - Mark S. Gignilliat

7. A Discourse Analysis of Exodus 32-34 - Ken Casillas

8. The "Gods" of Psalm 82: Humans or Deities? - Kevin T. Bauder

9. A Spider in a Psalm? Psalm 90:9 in Ancient Greek and Syriac Translations - Richard A. Taylor

10. Righteousness, Justice, and Equity: Structure in Proverbs 2 and the Final Shape of Proverbs - A. Philip Brown


11. Finding Messiah in the Old Testament - with the Rabbis - Russel T. Fuller

12. The God of Love and His Command to Annihilate the Canaanites - Walter C. Kaiser Jr.

13. Is Qoheleth's Wisdom Trustworthy? - Steve L. Reynolds

14. A Bibliography of the Writings of Michael P. V. Barrett - William E. Pareja



Rhett Dodson is the senior pastor of Grace Presbyterian Church in Hudson, Ohio.



“This book is marked by scholarly excellence, faithful exegesis, historical sensitivity, accurate exposition, and a passion to serve Christ and His body. As such, it is a fitting tribute to my professor and role model Mike Barrett, whose life epitomizes each of these virtues. Time spent in these pages will not be wasted.” — Sam Horn, executive vice president for enrollment and ministerial advancement, Bob Jones University and BJU Seminary

The Old Testament Yesterday and Today is a fitting tribute to the outstanding ministry of Michael Barrett. Whether you are a scholar, pastor, or student, these essays in theology and biblical exegesis offer enriching insights into the study of God’s Word.” — Richard D. Phillips, senior minister, Second Presbyterian Church, Greenville, South Carolina