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The Path of Life: Blessedness in Seasons of Lament (Yuille)

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Psalm 119 is noted for its call to delight in the word of God. But we must not fail to realize that this great psalm is also infused with great lament.

In The Path of Life, J. Stephen Yuille follows the psalmist through his many ups and downs in order to see how he gives voice to the song in our soul. Here is comfort for bearing sorrow, strength for enduring difficulty, trust for facing uncertainty, and peace for overcoming anxiety. Even in his extremity, the psalmist finds joy in the blessed God. This is how Jesus persevered through trials and endured the cross. And in Christ, you too can take up this psalm, follow the path of life, and find blessedness in your seasons of lament.

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1. A Primer on Psalm 119

2. A Blessed God

3. Devoted to God’s Word

4. Cleansed by God’s Word

5. A Stranger

6. A Sinner

7. A Honeycomb of Prayers

8. Remembering

9. God’s Steadfast Love

10. God’s Judgments

11. Taking God as My Portion

12. God’s Goodness

13. God’s Faithfulness

14. The Dark Night of the Soul

15. Standing on a Rock

16. Understanding

17. The Rejoicing of My Heart

18. My Hiding Place

19. Your Servant

20. Directed Steps

21. Very Faithful

22. God Is Near

23. Revival

24. Great Peace

25. Seven Times a Day

26. A Wandering Sheep


“Dr. Yuille is both pastor and professor in his detailed yet accessible work on Psalm 119. As professor, he helps us understand the thrust of the chapter with special attention to its outline and myriad of purposes. Yet as pastor, Yuille captures the intent of Psalm 119: a light that unveils and gives context to the groanings of the soul while mending and healing the brokenness of the soul it reveals. This is a book with which we can all identify, as Yuille explains the psalmist’s raw encounter with life by harnessing the beauty of God’s word to comfort, guard, and guide through earth’s cursed journey. The Path of Life is a masterful work that brings the word of God to the minds of men and the balm of God to the wounded heart.” — T. Dale Johnson, executive director, Association of Certified Biblical Counselors; and associate professor of biblical counseling and director of counseling programs at Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary

“Stephen Yuille highlights lament as a distinct and crucial feature of the Psalter. Indeed, God gave His people the Psalms as powerful expressions of the very real suffering and trials His people face. The psalms of lamentation, as Yuille reminds us, give Christians a much-needed theology of suffering through which to see our sovereign God working all things, even our suffering, toward our good and for His glory.” — R. Albert Mohler Jr., president of The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, Louisville, Kentucky

“Psalm 119 is well known as a celebration of God’s word. Stephen Yuille helps us understand that this celebration takes place in the midst of lamentation: God’s word shines brightest when life seems darkest. The Path of Life combines rich biblical truth, seasoned pastoral counsel, and well-chosen insights from Christians across the centuries. Here is a book that will nourish your soul and help you find strength in God in your seasons of lament.” — Rick Reed, president, Heritage College and Seminary, Ontario

About the Author

J. Stephen Yuille is the vice president of academics at Heritage College and Seminary, Cambridge, Ontario. He also serves as associate professor of biblical spirituality at The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, Louisville, Kentucky.