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The Practical Works of Richard Baxter, 4 Volumes (Baxter)

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Soli Deo Gloria


As a eminently successful pastor, Baxter’s more than 150 published treatises have been reprinted constantly over the past three centuries. Now, for the first time in fifteen years, Soli Deo Gloria Publications presents The Practical Works of Richard Baxter in four unabridged volumes:

  • A Christian Directory

Perhaps the most comprehensive treatment of practical Christianity ever written, Baxter applies Scripture to every aspect of the Christian life: private, familial, ecclesiastical, and neighborly.

  • A Call to the Unconverted

This collection of treatises and tracts on evangelism, conversion, and assurance will encourage believers and unbelievers alike to self-examination and faith in Christ.

  • The Saint’s Everlasting Rest

A sprawling masterpiece on the power of “heavenly meditations,” The Saint’s Everlasting Rest reminds us how heavenly-minded Christians produce the greatest earthly good.

  • The Reformed Pastor

Filled with practical advice and white-hot exhortations, one of the most successful Puritan pastors charges ministers to spend themselves in their pastoral care and preaching.

Introduced by the late J.I. Packer, these volumes contain many of the most brilliant pastoral writings ever penned.


“The most outstanding pastor, evangelist, and writer on practical and devotional themes that Puritanism produced.” – J. I. Packer 

“His (Baxter’s) writings, in four massy folios, are a treasury of Christian wisdom…the writings of few, if any, uninspired men have been the instruments of such great and extensive benefit to mankind, as those of Mr. Baxter” —William Wilberforce 

“We have long waited for a purely Biblical treatment of the spiritual ills and cures of men which is untainted by the views of modern psychology. Since Baxter lived about 200 years before modern psychology arrived, his deep work is completely void of its encroachment – thankfully!” 

—John MacArthur on Vol. 1 

“Baxter’s magnum opus, A Christian Directory (1673), offers keen insights into the life of the believer, expounding practical and casuistical divinity in more than a million words. It is one of the most practical and helpful Biblical counseling manuals ever written.” 

—Joel Beeke on Vol. 1 

About the Author

Richard Baxter (1615–1691) was one of the preeminent Puritan leaders of his day. Ordained at 23, he spent 17 fruitful years as curate at Kidderminster, England. As a wildly successful pastor and writer, Baxter’s more than 150 published treatises have been reprinted constantly over the past three centuries.