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The Sum and Substance of the Gospel: The Christ-Centered Piety of Charles Haddon Spurgeon - Profiles in Reformed Spirituality (Finn & Lumpkin eds.)

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“The Sum and Substance of the Gospel” introduces readers to the life and writings of one of the greatest preachers of the modern era, Charles Haddon Spurgeon (1834–1892).

Nathan A. Finn and Aaron Lumpkin’s introduction traces the life and ministry of this great London pastor, focusing on Spurgeon’s commitment to the gospel and the Lord Jesus Christ. Then, in forty-nine selections from Spurgeon’s sermons, writings, and correspondence, readers can see for themselves the way Spurgeon reveled in the glories of Jesus Christ, His saving work, and its effects upon the believer.

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Table of Contents:
The Life and Piety of Charles Haddon Spurgeon

  1. The Power of the Gospel
  2. Chosen in Christ
  3. Christ in the Covenant
  4. Union with Christ
  5. Christ’s Sheep Will Never Perish
  6. Christ Died for Our Sins
  7. No Atonement, No Gospel
  8. The Necessity of Atonement
  9. Substitution
  10. Atonement and Jubilee
  11. The Scapegoat
  12. Christ, Our Scapegoat
  13. Healed by His Stripes
  14. Forgiveness
  15. Crucified with Christ
  16. All Hail King Jesus
  17. The Lord’s Supper as a Picture of Redemption
  18. A Full Christ
  19. Seeing the Cross
  20. My Sole Hope for Heaven
  21. The Comfort of Christ’s Sacrifice
  22. Mourning and Resting in the Cross
  23. Christ, Our Life
  24. All but Christ Is Vanity
  25. The High Standing of Christ
  26. Communion with Christ
  27. Feasting on Christ by Faith
  28. Thirsting for Christ
  29. A Sacrifice of Thanksgiving
  30. The Glory of the Cross
  31. The Cross and the World
  32. Forgetting Christ
  33. Sensitivity to Sin
  34. Hypocrisy
  35. Hindering Revival
  36. Confession of Sin
  37. Deliverance to Captives
  38. Godly and Ungodly Anger
  39. Good Works
  40. You Shall Be My Witnesses
  41. Praying for Our Children
  42. Personal Evangelism
  43. A Christless Sermon
  44. Preaching for Conversion
  45. The Grace of Trouble
  46. Enduring Persecution
  47. Committing Ourselves to the Father
  48. The Dead Who Die in the Lord
  49. A Gospel Plea



Nathan A. Finn (Ph.D., Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary) serves as Provost and Dean of the University Faculty at North Greenville University. He and his wife Leah have four children.

Aaron Lumpkin (Ph.D. Candidate, Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary) serves as Campus Minister and Director of Faith & Service at Missouri Baptist University. He and his wife Sara have three children.



“Personal piety seems to be on the wane in twenty-first-century evangelicalism. Thus, I was delighted to see “The Sum and Substance of the Gospel”: The Christ-Centered Piety of Charles Haddon Spurgeon produced by Nathan A. Finn and Aaron Lumpkin. Finn and Lumpkin skillfully bring Spurgeon’s life and ministry to bear, especially his sermons, on the Christian life and personal sanctification. Every reader will be challenged in his or her walk with Christ and will gain an even deeper appreciation for Charles Spurgeon.” — Jason K. Allen, president, Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, Kansas City

“As we circle the massive mountain of Spurgeon’s works (the largest body of works by a single author in the history of Christianity), it is easy to become overwhelmed and wonder, Where shall I begin the ascent? I heartily commend this marvelous little volume as a great starting place! The selections are outstanding, every one of them centered on the person and work of Jesus Christ. They are delightfully brief, wisely arranged, and each one radiates with the unique gift of Spurgeon to capture our sublime Savior and His great salvation in words that become living and active in our hearts.” — Andy Davis, senior pastor, First Baptist Church, Durham, North Carolina