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The True Convert: An Exposition of the Parable of the Lost Son (Rogers)

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The True Convert: An Exposition of the Parable of the Lost Son is a penetrating verse by verse and sometimes word by word examination of Luke 15:11-32. Rogers uncovers things, which most interpreters completely ignore. He looks at conviction of sin, true and false repentance, genuine faith, and other doctrines as if he were using a microscope. Such thoroughness is not found in works today at all. What should be one of the main controversies of our own time, but sadly is not, is the question of whether a person can be a true convert and yet have his life baron of fruit. Rogers spends much time on this. One of his illustrations of the foolishness of a fruitless profession follows: “A man may be acquainted with them many years, yet not know of what religion they are of...a man cannot tell by their profession. If they be Christians, a man had need be told so, for it doth not appear by their works and actions. Look what course the foolish painter doth take with his ill-favored pictures, writing underneath their names, as, this is a bear, or this a lion, that so all may know them; the same course had we need to take with these, that they may be known to be believers and professors. But let such know, that had they true grace, it would break forth like fire, after it hath been long kept in, and discover itself both by deeds and words (Jeremiah 20:9).” 312 pages. Hardback.