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Trapp Set and Study Bible (Hardcover)

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Special Package Discount Includes:

  • A Commentary on the Old and New Testaments, 5 Volumes (Trapp) - Reformation Heritage Books
    • John Trapp’s Commentary on the Old and New Testaments, a classic Puritan exposition of Scripture, combines explanation of the text, articulation of doctrine, discussions of controversies, and clarification of cases of conscience. Full of colorful paraphrases and captivating illustrations, Trapp’s pithy style makes him highly quotable and a handy resource preachers. As a bonus, this set contains four practical books by Trapp that are appended to various volumes:

      • God’s Love-Tokens and The Afflicted Man’s Lessons
      • The Righteous Man’s Recompense
      • Theologia Theologiae: The True Treasure; or, a Treasury of Holy Truths Touching God’s Word and God of the Word
      • Mellificium Theologicum: The Marrow of Many Good Authors
  • KJV Study Bible, Hardcover - Reformation Heritage Books
    • Experience the KJV Bible like never before with the Black Hardcover King James Version Study Bible. The beautifully poetic language of the classic King James Version text is reproduced in an updated study Bible with a strong emphasis on personal and family devotions.

      The front cover of the black hardcover Bible has a simple embossed design that features an intricate filigree fleur-de-lis pattern encircling the silver foiled title.  A book jacket covers the Bible and features a creamy white background with the same filigree pattern set atop a diamond-shaped argyle design with small quatrefoil images.

      The title is repeated on the spine, where you will also find the silver foiled KJV version reference and four silver foiled decorative spine ribs.

      The Bible features several wonderful features that will make your personal or family Bible study a joy. The pages are printed in black ink and accented with metallic gold decorative accents. To facilitate study, two satin ribbon markers are included to mark multiple pages. Text is presented in 9.8-point type and organized in a double-column format. A lay-flat Smyth-sewn binding ensures the spine is not damaged when opened.

      The Bible also acts as a record keeper. It includes a presentation page that can be personalized, a wedding certificate, and a family record that provides for marriages, births and adoptions, and deaths. An additional record-keeping page is dedicated to occasions to remember.

      An entire section is dedicated to the history of the KJV, focusing on its tradition, text, and translation. There is also a synopsis of twenty centuries of Christian church history.  

      Study features include an introduction to every book of the Bible and personal or family devotions at the end of every chapter, thousands of explanatory study notes on the text and the archaic language, essays on 50 key teachings of the Bible, a concordance, and 8 full-color maps. There is also a section dedicated to life as a Christian that covers 37 essays.

      A further fascinating feature is the brief synopsis of twenty centuries of church history followed by a section on creeds, catechisms and confessions. This section includes the Apostles' Creed, Nicene Creed, Athanasian Creed, Belgic Confessions, Heidelberg Catechism, Canons of Dort, Westminster Confessions, Westminster Superior Catechism, and the Westminster Larger Catechism.

      The Black Hardcover King James Version Study Bible comes packaged in a sturdy two-piece gift box.