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EBOOK Union and Communion with Christ - EBOOK

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The work of Christ in His life, death, resurrection, and ascension is most impressive and foundational to the Christian faith. Yet these grand acts of redemption are of little benefit if one is not so closely associated with Jesus as to find his life and death in Him. In Union and Communion with Christ, Maurice Roberts offers us eighteen meditations on the Christian's union with Christ and its accompanying fellowship. These reflections probe the essence of this blessed union, examine its evidences and revel in its benefits.


Table of Contents:

  1. The Love which Believers Owe to Christ
  2. The Union of Believers with Christ
  3. The Nature of our Union with Christ
  4. A Union More Enduring than Time
  5. Abiding in Christ
  6. Christ, Our Life and Our Righteousness
  7. Seated with Christ in Grace and Glory
  8. Evidences of a Real Union with Christ
  9. The Love of God to Those in Christ
  10. The Unction which Teaches Believers
  11. Christ and His Church
  12. The Blessed Fellowship of Believers in Christ
  13. The Brotherly Bond of Christian Love
  14. Fellowship with Christ in His Sufferings and Joys
  15. Our Communion with Christ in Joyous Experiences
  16. Our Union with Christ in the Sacraments
  17. The Union of Christ and His People Reflected in the Psalms
  18. Man's Instinctive Desire for God's Fellowship



Maurice Roberts is the Minister of the Inverness congregation of the Free Church of Scotland (Continuing). He is well known as a conference speaker in many countries around the world and was editor of the monthly magazine The Banner of Truth from January 1988 to January 2003.



"This is a moving account of the riches of salvation that come to us through personal union with the God-man Christ Jesus. Roberts draws upon the deep things of Reformed theology, but always with great clarity and a readily accessible style. While the volume handles some of the same themes as Pink's Spiritual Union and Communion, the exposition by Roberts breathes a yet more noticeably devotional quality. Those who reflect upon these pages in faith will discover a ministry of assurance of Christ's care for his own, 'the inward feast of Christ's love.'" - Sherman Isbell