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Walking With God: Practical Religion (Ryle)

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This is a thoroughly biblical and practical guide to the Christian life. Ryle encourages us to see the reality of our present situation, the beauty of Christ, and to strive towards walking the way God shows us in his Word. This abridged and easier to read version of Practical Religion is sure to instruct, challenge and encourage Christians today.



J. C. Ryle (1816 - 1900) was the first Bishop of Liverpool. He was one of the most authoritative churchmen of his time and his writings have been in constant demand throughout the last hundred years. His popularity was due to his clear and simple style, his longevity due to his being a profound thinker and compassionate pastor.


"The spiritual wisdom of J. C. Ryle is just as challenging and relevant today as ever. His exhortation regarding the Lord’s Day is especially pertinent at this time. May all who read this new simplified edition of Practical Religion be challenged, edified, and led to Christ." - Bill James, Principal, London Seminary, London, UK

"In my experience, devotional books often require that you approach them with an elevated frame of mind to receive their blessing, but Grace Essentials does the heavy lifting for you. Whether you come to it cranky or weary or worldly in spirit, it takes charge (with Ryle’s plain–spoken, no–nonsense, bracing–yet–amiable, Spirit–filled, winsomely–reasonable, thematic treatments of Scripture) and sets you afresh on your Christian walk. His 19th–century words have 21st–century accessibility and power, whether for evangelism or edification." - Mark Coppenger, Professor of Christian Apologetics, Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, Louisville, Kentucky