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When People are Big and God is Small, Second Edition (Welch)

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Do you crave people’s love and approval? Do you dread their rejection or mistreatment? Although we don’t always realize it, many of our lives—and identities—are dangerously contorted around such longings and fears.

Biblical counselor Edward Welch tackles this struggle head-on in a groundbreaking work that has been substantially updated and revised for this new edition. Discover a fear of the Lord that, in Christ, is filled with gratitude, love, and devotion—freeing you to need others less and love them more.


Edward T. Welch is a counselor and faculty member at the Christian Counseling and Educational Foundation (CCEF). He is author of a number of books, including When People Are Big and God Is Small and Addictions: A Banquet in the Grave.


“Few books have impacted me, my family, and my church more deeply than [this one]. It introduces concepts—biblical truths—that have transformed the way we understand our relationships with God and man alike.” —Tim Challies, Blogger,

“Dr. Ed Welch’s careful examination of the human spirit, the sins that hold us captive, and the liberating power of the gospel will not only set your own heart on fire but instruct you in how to lead others. . . . Whether you are a parent, a pastor, a counselor, or a friend, this book is a must-read.” —J.D. Greear, Pastor, The Summit Church, Durham, North Carolina

“This book challenges our thoughts about ourselves in relation to God and the people around us. . . . Ed Welch makes clear the goodness of fearing the awesome Lord God and the emptiness of fearing anything or anyone else. God’s Word is at the heart of the matter, and God’s Son is the point.” —Kathleen Nielson, Author; Speaker

“Few living writers have helped me more deeply to connect the dots between my heart and my actions than Ed Welch. . . . When People Are Big and God Is Small helped me when it first released . . . and its insights never stray far from my mind.” —Dane Ortlund, Author, Gentle and Lowly