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With A Mighty Triumph!: Christ's Resurrection and Ours (Dodson)

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The resurrection of Jesus Christ is the bedrock of the Christian faith. Without it, the truth claims of Christianity crumble. But not only is the resurrection of Jesus true and historically verifiable, it is also the foundation of the believer’s hope for the future. Those in Christ will be raised from the dead in the new creation. The apostle Paul’s argument in 1 Corinthians 15 for the historical resurrection of Christ and the future resurrection of Christians is one of the most momentous theological treatises in the New Testament.

This series of studies, With A Mighty Triumph!, carefully leads readers through Paul’s discussion and examines its inner logic, theological content, and practical application. While not shying away from the difficult subjects of baptism for the dead and the nature of the resurrection body, its main focus is on the hope Christ’s resurrection offers to all who believe.

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"Here in this stirring call to “Remember Jesus Christ, risen from the dead”, we find a tonic for the soul." — ALISTAIR BEGG

"In his last letter, Paul charged Timothy to 'Remember Jesus Christ, risen from the dead…' (2 Tim 2:8). Believers need to hear again and again the good news of the resurrection of Jesus Christ. In these expositions of 1 Corinthians 15, Rhett Dodson does just that for us. With the skill of an expositor and the heart of a pastor, Dodson calls us to think and to live in light of the glorious reality of our Lord’s resurrection. Whether it is in reminding us of the truth of Christ’s resurrection, in helping us to see the meaning of Christ’s resurrection for our Christian lives today, or in pointing us to the glorious hope and future that Christ has won for us by his resurrection, With a Mighty Triumph! refreshes the soul with the balm of matters of 'first importance' (1 Cor 15:3)." — GUY PRENTISS WATERS