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You Could Have It All (Thomas)

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Is it possible for us to learn what life is all about and to receive all we need for a lifetime’s enjoyment and fulfillment?

In this winsome book, Geoffrey Thomas shows us that these things are most certainly possible.

Although a life of emptiness and shattering disappointments is all too normal, it is unnatural and need not go on in this way. You could have all that is in the power of the loving kindness of your Creator to give to you, not because you have earned it but simply because God loves you. After all, He is the One who lies behind this unexpected event, that you, who have gone on for years without good thoughts of Jesus Christ, should continue to read these sentences and reconsider what it tells you of how you could have it all.

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Table of Contents:

You Could Have It All!

1. You Could Know God

2. You Could Know Yourself

3. You Could Have All Your Sins Forgiven

4. You Could Become a Child of God

5. You Could Experience All Things Working Together for Your Good

6. You Could Learn Contentment in Every Circumstance

7. You Could Become an Incomparably Stronger and Wiser Person

8. You Could Know the Purpose of Life

9. You Could Belong to the Best and Happiest People on Earth

10. You Could Have Assurance That the Living God Will Welcome You When You Die



Geoffrey Thomas is a worldwide conference speaker, who served as pastor in Aberystwyth, Wales, for more than fifty years.



“An introduction to a person can be a life-changing experience. An introduction to Jesus Christ can change present life and the future eternity. This is an invitation which has the authority of Christ to lead to him.” — Iain Murray

“We need more evangelistic books, books that explain the gospel to unbelievers, written by people we can trust. This one is straightforward, personal and interesting, drawing on the writer's life-time of reading and experience. It has things to say to believers too. Just start reading and you will find the enthusiasm infectious and whatever your attitude is when you start you may well find that it radically changes before the end.” — Gary Brady 

“Geoff Thomas is unforgettable. His presence, his preaching, his writing breathe life. This latest book is no exception. You Could Have It All is aimed at unbelievers and does so with imagination, verve and gentle directness. No less, however, will the book be of immense help to believers, helping them to commend the gospel more confidently. With a rich supply of quotes from the widest range of authors past and present, Dr Thomas engages us from beginning to end. I enthusiastically commend this little evangelistic classic.” — Ian Hamilton, professor of historical theology, Westminster Presbyterian Theological Seminary, Newcastle