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2 Kings: The Power and the Fury - Focus on the Bible Series (Davis)

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2 Kings provides a fast-paced narrative of insight into the history of Israel under its monarchy. This book is a continuation of the narrative begun in 1 Samuel, and continued through 2 Samuel and 1 Kings. Ralph finishes it off with a captivating and rewarding journey through 2 Kings.

Written between 561 BC and 538 BC, 2nd Kings gives us a warning about the consequences of sin, especially the catastrophic repercussions of Israel's love affair with idolatry. Despite struggling with other problems, we see that the Jewish people learned from their experience. They never made a mistake of this enormity again.

Through prophets such as Elisha and Elijah we see God's compassion for his people and the opportunity for repentance. An opportunity spoilt by Judah, climaxing with the subjugation of the kingdom by the Babylonians.

Illuminating, accessible and laced with his unique sense of humour, Davis' practical devotional expository applies events to the contemporary reader providing parallels to alert us in the 21st century.

Table of Contents:

The Torn Kingdom

1. The Fire This Time (2 Kings 1)

2. Seismic Shi in the Kingdom of God (2 Kings 2)

3. We Three Kings (2 Kings 3)

4. Help of the Helpless and Nameless (2 Kings 4:1-7)

5. The Sad and the Glad of God (2 Kings 4:8-37)

6. The Peril of Church Suppers (2 Kings 4:38-41)

7. Christ and Our Deficiencies (2 Kings 4:42-44)

8. Grace Goes International (2 Kings 5)

9. When God Gave a Preacher the Axe (2 Kings 6:1-7)

10. Safe in the Shadow of the Lord (2 Kings 6:8-23)

11. A Sure and Severe Deliverance (2 Kings 6:24–7:20)

12. The Lord Who Revives and Slays (2 Kings 8:1-15)

13. One, Big Evil Family (2 Kings 8:16-29)

14. Terrible Swift Word (2 Kings 9)

15. When Heads Roll (2 Kings 10)

16. The Lady Who Saved Christmas (2 Kings 11)

17. Repairs and Payoffs (2 Kings 12)

18. Grace and Grave Notes (2 Kings 13)

19. A Little Bit of October (2 Kings 14)

20. Fast Forward to Oblivion (2 Kings 15)

21. Is the Grass Greener...? (2 Kings 16)

22. God of the Last Days (2 Kings 17:1-23)

23. A Religion Fair? (2 Kings 17:24-41)

The Last Days

24. Fresh Air, Dark Day (2 Kings 18)

25. The Terror of the Night (2 Kings 19)

26. Yahweh Is All You Need! Or Is He? (2 Kings 20)

27. The Point of No Return (2 Kings 21)

28. Can a Reformation Save Us? (2 Kings 22:1–23:30)

29. Rush to Ruin (2 Kings 23:31–25:26)

30. A Whisper of Hope? (2 Kings 25:27-30) 


"Today there is a renewed emphasis on the preaching of OT narrative in evangelical circles... The six volumes of Ralph Dale Davis of which 2 Kings: The power and Fury is the culmination are excellent guides for contemporary expositor as he preaches from the "former prophets". Davis has laid an excellent foundation; may many expositors build upon his work as they preach OT narrative. " - Keith Essex ~ Associate Professor of Bible Exposition, The Master's Seminary, Sun Valley, California.


Dale Ralph Davis is pastor of Woodland Presbyterian Church, Hattiesburg, Mississippi. Previously he was Professor of Old Testament at Reformed Theological Seminary, Jackson, Mississippi.