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A Faith Worth Defending: The Synod of Dort's Enduring Heritage (Payne & Heck, eds.)

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Contributors include: Michael Horton, W. Robert Godfrey, Jon D. Payne, Sebastian Heck, Christopher Gordon, Lyle Bierma, Kevin J. Bidwell, Joel Beeke, Daniel R. Hyde, Cornelis Venema, and J.V. Fesko.

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  1. Preserving the Reformation: A Historical Portrait of the Synod of Dort  — W. Robert Godfrey
  2. What’s the Difference? A Historical and Theological Comparison of the Three Forms of Unity  — Lyle D. Bierma
  3. The English Delegation to the Synod of Dort  — Kevin J. Bidwell
  4. The Everlasting Love of God: Election and Predestination  — J. V. Fesko
  5. Dead in Sin: The Utter Depravity of Mankind  — Christopher J. Gordon
  6. The Promise of the Gospel: Redemption in Christ  — Michael Horton
  7. The Irresistible Spirit: The Work of the Holy Spirit in the Canons of Dort  — Sebastian Heck
  8. The Preservation and Perseverance of the Saints  — Danny Hyde
  9. Comfort and Assurance: The Pastoral Implications of Dort  — Joel R. Beeke and Ray B. Lanning
  10. Preaching the Doctrines of Dort  — Cornelis P. Venema
  11. Proclaiming Joyful Tidings: Dort, Evangelism, and the Sovereignty of God  — Jon D. Payne


Jon D. Payne is senior pastor of Christ Church (PCA) in Charleston, South Carolina, executive coordinator of the Gospel Reformation Network, and trustee with the Banner of Truth Trust.

Sebastian Heck is pastor of Selbständige Evangelisch-Reformierte Kirche (Free Reformed church) in Heidelberg, Germany.


"The Canons of Dort continue to demand(and repay) our careful study and attention. And yet the history of the Synod and the theology it promoted can be difficult terrain. Thankfully, we have in these scholarly and pastoral essays a sure guide to the finely tuned definitions and precise delineation of Dort. With intellectual rigor and devotional warmth, this book marks a welcome addition to the growing literature on this crucial period in church history. More than that, A Faith Worth Defending, in exploring the good news of Dort, leads us to rejoice in the Good News itself."

-  Kevin DeYoung, senior pastor, Christ Covenant Church, Matthews, North Carolina, and assistant professor of systematic theology, Reformed Theological Seminary, Charlotte, North Carolina

"The Canons of Dort are the third and final contribution to the Three Forms of Unity- the famous 'five points of Calvinism' are a simplification of the arguments in these canons. In this book eleven experts tell the story behind this classic Reformed confession. They explain its key doctrines and persuade us to love its teachings. The end result is a fresh challenge to Arminian protestors old and new, a scriptural defense of God's sovereign electing grace in a day of social salvation and self-help."

-  Chad VanDixhoorn, professor of church history, Westminster Theological Seminary, Philadelphia

"From beginning to end this volume provides us with an accessible, historical, theological, and pastoral introduction to the Synod of  Dort (1618-1619). Dort was convened to respond to a series of aberrant doctrines based on the teachings of Jacob Arminius. The responsive nature of Dort's Canons places them in a pastoral framework that would instruct the church's membership in general and not just its theologians. This fine collection of essays will do much to highlight and promote Dort's commitment to historic Calvinism."

-  Ian Hamilton, former minister of Cambridge Presbyterian Church, UK, and trustee of the Banner of Truth Trust