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Amos: The Shepherd Prophet (Harman)

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Coming from a remote area of Judah, and from a farming background, Amos was called to a prophetic ministry to the nation of Israel. His prophetic message was a blend of mercy and judgment, as he challenged an erring nation to seek the Lord. In addition to strong condemnation of errant Israel, Amos also held out the ­promise of restored fortunes, and particularly of the continuing place and significance of the Davidic family.

Allan Harman’s commentary is a careful exposition of the text. While using the ESV translation, he gives particular attention to the Hebrew, discussing words that are most significant for the translation and ­interpretation of this eighth-century BC covenantal messenger. He also includes sections of application, that preachers will find particularly helpful.

The author has spent a lifetime in teaching the Old Testament, and brings his skills to another biblical book. This commentary complements his other commentaries on Exodus, Deuteronomy, Psalms, Isaiah, Joel, and Daniel, all of which have been aimed at making plain the significance of the text, without unnecessary reference to other writers.

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