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Bundle: A Disputation on Holy Scripture (Whitaker) + Christ, the Perfect Pattern for a Christian (Robinson)

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Soli Deo Gloria Publications & Northampton Press

A Disputation on Holy Scripture (Whitaker)


One of the key issues that divided Protestants and Roman Catholics during the Reformation was their understanding of Holy Scripture. In this monumental work, William Whitaker addresses six significant areas where Rome had deviated from the truly catholic doctrine of Sola Scriptura. Interacting largely with two of Rome’s most formidable defenders, Whitaker answers questions regarding the number of canonical books, the authentic translations of Scripture, the authority of Scripture, the perspicuity of Scripture, the proper interpretation of Scripture, and the perfection of Scripture. Whitaker’s Disputation on Holy Scripture was an important rejoinder for Protestants in the sixteenth century and stands as a worthy guide to God’s Word today. 



Epistle Dedicatory 

Preface to the Controversies 

Question I: The Number of Canonical Books of Scripture 

Question II: The Authentic Edition and Versions of the Scriptures 

Question III: The Authority of Scripture 

Question IV: The Perspicuity of Scripture 

Question V: The Interpretation of Scripture 

Question VI: The Perfection of Scripture, against Unwritten Traditions 

To the Reader 



“Since the Reformation only a few godly servants of the truth have invested the time and effort necessary to produce for God’s people a full-orbed defense of Scriptural sufficiency against those who would subject Scripture to external authorities. William Whitaker was one of those servants, and his work should be carefully studied by all concerned shepherds of Christ’s flock.” – Dr. James White, Director, Alpha and Omega Ministries 

“Whitaker’s Disputation on Holy Scripture is one of the most eminent treatments, both polemical and positive, of the authority and interpretation of Scripture written during the post-Reformation era. In its polemic, the Disputation offers a detailed refutation of Roman Catholic argumentation, specifically that of Cardinal Bellarmine, against Protestant assumptions concerning the integrity and authority of Scripture. In its positive statements, the Disputation provides one of the clearest and most precise explanations of the Protestant understanding of the interpretation of Scripture. Although written as a defense of the Reformed faith of the English church, the Disputation was respected and used as a source of doctrinal argument not only by the English but also by the Continental Reformed and the Lutherans, being drawn on extensively by the eminent Lutheran theologian Johann Gerhard.”—Richard A. Muller, scholar in residence for Reformation and post-Reformation studies, Puritan Reformed Theological Seminary.


William Whitaker (1548–1595) was Regius Professor of Divinity and master of St. John’s at the University of Cambridge. He was an ardent defender of the Reformed doctrines of grace and an admired defender of Protestantism against the errors of Roman Catholicism. Described as “the pride and ornament of Cambridge,” few English divines were held in higher esteem by their contemporaries. Even Robert Bellarmine, the Roman Catholic scholar, was so impressed by Whitaker’s genius that he hung Whitaker’s portrait in his study. 

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Too often we model ourselves after another person rather than after the Lord Jesus Christ. But no one other than Christ ought to be our model, our example, or, as Ralph Robinson points out, our pattern.

Here, in 13 sermons, this Puritan lays out Christ as a pattern for us to follow. He speaks of Christ as, among other things, a pattern of humility, of patience, of prayer, of forgiveness, of diligence, and of faithfulness.

Appendixed is Simeon Ashe’s funeral sermon for Robinson entitled “The Good Man’s Death Lamented.”

This is the first printing of this important work since 1658. May it stir up in God’s people a greater desire to be like Christ.

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