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Christianity and New Religious Movements + Christianity and World Religions Bundle

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Bundle: Christianity and New Religious Movements + Christianity and World Religions

Christianity and New Religious Movements:

Every major religion has produced hundreds of offshoots—new religious movements that are often culturally accepted and that claim to promote a healthy and happy lifestyle. Yet many Christians know very little about them. This makes it difficult for us to engage with their adherents wisely and well.

Derek Cooper delves into ten of the most historic, most prominent, and most recognizable new religious movements, focusing on ones with members whom readers have a significant chance of meeting. Writing from a confessional yet compassionate Christian perspective, he overviews core elements of these religions and describes effective points of contact for Christians.

Whether you’re seeking to engage with certain individuals or simply curious about your diverse spiritual landscape, this book can help.

Christianity and World Religions:

Derek Cooper takes us on a two-part tour of the world’s most influential religions: Hinduism, Buddhism, Confucianism and Taoism, Judaism, Islam, and Christianity.

The first part discusses the essentials of each faith by looking at each faith’s creation story, historical origin, beliefs, religious writings, and worship practices, and adds Christian reflections about it.

The second surveys how biblical authors and important Christians in church history have responded to different religions. An appendix includes some helpful primary and secondary books relating to this theme.

Due to the increasingly global culture in which we live, it is important for Christians to know something about the major world religions so that we can speak confidently about our faith—there is no place in our interactions for fear. On the contrary, by learning about other religions we are able to learn more about God and Christianity, and how we can be more faithful to Christ.