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BUNDLE: From the Marrow Men to the Moderates (Macleod) + The Marrow of Modern Divinity (Fisher)

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Christian Focus

From the Marrow Men to the Moderates plus The Marrow of Modern Divinity  Hardcover Set.

From the Marrow Men to the Moderates:

Donald Macleod is our reliable guide through all dissentions and disagreements of the eighteenth century. Drawing attention to the major characters of the period and gives a faithful account of the theological discussions, including the social, economic, ethnic, and personal factors involved. He also subjects these discussions to theological evaluation. A fascinating look at a crucial period for anyone with an interest in theological history.

The Marrow of Modern Divinity:

An intriguing book, quite unlike any other The Marrow of Modern Divinity defies pigeon-holing. It was written in the 1600s by an author of whom we know little, yet it proved to be a critically important and controversial theological text.
Penned as dialogue between a minister(Evangelista), a young Christian(Neophytus), a legalist(Nomista) who believes Christianity is a set of rules to be obeyed and Antinomista who thinks it's okay to sin because God will forgive him anyway, it makes for a wonderfully insightful book that remains tremendously relevant for our world today.

This newly laid out and eagerly awaited edition includes explanatory notes by the famous puritan Thomas Boston, an introduction by Philip Ryken and an historical introduction by William Vandoodewaard.


Anyone interested in the rich and consequential history of the Scottish church will benefit immensely from this well–written, deeply learned, carefully judicious, and engrossing work. It is superb from start to finish. Surely, this series of volumes is destined to become a standard work in the field of Scottish ecclesiastical history and theology. -Kevin DeYoung, Senior Pastor, Christ Covenant Church, Matthews, North Carolina

This is Scottish Church history and theology as only the late Donald Macleod could tell it. In these to–be–treasured pages his unmatched knowledge of Scotland’s pastor–theologians combines with an obvious love for both them and their theology.  -Sinclair B. Ferguson, Chancellor’s Professor of Systematic Theology, Reformed Theological Seminary, Jackson, Mississippi

What you are thus holding is not only the mature assessment of a crucial era in Scottish church history and theology by one of Scotland’s most important contemporary theologians but his last word.  -Ligon Duncan, Chancellor and CEO, Reformed Theological Seminary