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EBOOK Concise Marrow of Theology - Classic Reformed Theology Series (Heidegger)

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Heidegger’s Concise Marrow of Christian Theology is the smallest piece of a threefold theological curriculum. It is an abridgement of Heidegger’s Medulla Theologiae Christianae (The Marrow of Christian Theology), which in turn is a stepping-stone to his more advanced dogmatic system, Corpus Theologiae Christianae (The Substance of Christian Theology).

Casey Carmichael’s translation and Ryan Glomsrud’s historical introduction make a significant contribution to historical studies of Reformed Scholasticism. It acquaints English readers with a significant, though largely forgotten theologian and his efforts to secure a solid program for advancing in systematic theology. Concise Marrow displays the elementary points of all the main topics of dogma, forming a theological primer for beginners. It is characterized by succinct definitions and ample biblical support, apt for setting a good foundation and starting point for deeper theological reflection.


Table of Contents:

I. On Theology in General
II. On Holy Scripture
III. On the Existence and Divinity of God
IV. On the True Triune God
V. On the Decrees of God
VI. On the Creation of the World
VII. On the Providence of God
VIII. On Angels
IX. On the Covenant of Works
X. On the Sin of Man
XI. On the Covenant of Grace
XII. On the Economy of the Covenant of Grace under the Patriarchs
XIII. On the Economy of the Covenant of Grace under the Law of Moses
XIV. On the Decalogue
XV. On the Ceremonial Law of Moses
XVI. On the Judicial Law of Moses
XVII. On the Person of Jesus Christ
XVIII. On the State of Jesus Christ
XIX. On the Office of Jesus Christ
XX. On the Economy of the Covenant of Grace under the Gospel
XXI. On the Grace of Calling
XXII. On the Grace of Justification
XXIII. On the Grace of Sanctification
XXIV. On the Constancy of the Covenant of Grace
XXV. On External Worship, Especially about the Sacraments of the New Testament
XXVI. On the Church
XXVII. On the Government of the Church
XXVIII. On Glorification

Series editors: R. Scott Clark and Casey Carmichael



Johann Heinrich Heidegger (1633–1698) was a Swiss Reformed theologian who served as a professor for universities in Heidelberg and Zurich. He was the principle author of the Formula Consensus Helvetica (1675) and is noted as one of the most significant Swiss theologians of the late seventeenth century.



“Fresh, rich, and relevant are only a few of the qualities of Heidegger’s Concise Marrow as well as of the translation by Casey Carmichael and the introduction by Ryan Glomsrud. Finally a broader audience has access to this fine overview of classical Reformed theology from which the church today still can learn a lot.” — Herman Selderhuis, president of the Theological University of Apeldoorn

“How did Reformed theologians teach theology around the end of the seventeenth century, and, more importantly, what did they teach? The present book, translated for the first time in English (or in any language), helps us answer this question. We can be grateful to Casey Carmichael and to the editors of the Classic Reformed Theology book series for making this treatise available in English!” — Christophe Chalamet, associate professor of systematic theology, University of Geneva