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Coping with Criticism: Turning Pain into Blessing (Roberts)

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Evangelical Press
Roberts writes on how pastors can learn to handle criticism, which will come, and thrive through it as they grow their ministry.



Mostyn Roberts is pastor of Welwyn Evangelical Church, a former lecturer at London Seminary in Systematic Theology and is author of a biography of Francis Schaeffer and also The Subversive Puritan: Roger Williams and freedom of conscience, both published by EP.



This book is a must for all those starting out in pastoral ministry and essential for all those wishing to continue in it. By a combination of superb biblical exposition and sensitive application reflecting a wealth of personal ministerial experience, the author not only shows how to endure criticism but flourish through it. A little gem of a book. --Melvin Tinker "Director of Theology, The Christ Church Newland Network, Hull."

To be able to handle criticism well is a skill which all pastors need to learn. Any ministry, even the best, will take flak from time to time and it is easy to fall into crippling self-pity. When we are criticized what we need is a cool head, Biblical common sense and the comfort of Christ. This excellent book provides us with all three. --John Benton "Director for Pastoral Support, The Pastor's Academy, London Seminary"