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Domestic Duties Considered (Jay)

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Who could adequately estimate the importance of the family to human life? The family is where grace, mercy, love, protection, guidance, instruction, necessities and other benefits are first expressed and experienced. The family is where economics, business and work in general are first learned. The family is the school where the native language, the basics of life and most of all, spiritual values are to be learned. The family is the unit of correction where discipline is learned. The family is the church in miniature where worshipping God is first learned and where eternal verities are taught. The family is a hospital where wounds, sickness and suffering are ministered under loving care. The family is a bank where the use of money is first learned. The family is the place where child care is first learned. The family is the first culture and place for sociological interaction. The family is a government where elementary law and respect for law is first learned. The family is the bastion of protection and security from the storms of life.

Anyone who realizes the value of the family would be greatly helped by reading Jay's masterful, mature and insightful book. This is the first time these messages have been collected and printed in a single volume according to subject. Here one finds a wealth of practical, Biblical and uncompromising material on the family.

William Jay's heart as a pastor is in evidence in this book. Also, a faithful reader may be reassured that Jay is faithful to the Word of God. He reminds us that we are responsible to guard the family. This is very important when remembering the essential nature of the family in church and state.