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A Help to Domestic Happiness (James)

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Soli Deo Gloria Publications

John Angell James proposes that if you are not happy at home, you cannot be happy anywhere, and if you are happy at home that will help your trials elsewhere. The family is specially designed by God to be a hallowed circle of love and grace. For young people, it’s also the crucible of preparation for a happy life. The pressures on marriage and family are real, and here is timeless practical help to make the home as it was intended.

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Table of Contents:

  1. The Domestic Constitution
  2. The Mutual Duties of Husbands and Wives
  3. The Special Duties of Husbands and Wives
  4. Some Remarks on the Formation of the Marriage Union
  5. The Duties of Parents
  6. The Duties of Children to Their Parents
  7. On the Fraternal Duties
  8. The Duties of Masters
  9. The Duties of Servants



John Angell James (1785–1859) was a Congregationalist Nonconformist pastor at Carrs Lane Chapel in Birmingham, England. He also chaired the board of education of what was to become Mansfield College, Oxford. He was awarded honorary doctorates by both Princeton and Glasgow Universities. A staunch Calvinist steeped in practical piety, he preached and wrote to the average person saying, “I write plain truths, in plain language, for plain people!”



“Especially must I mention the name of that honoured father of all the Dissenting churches, the Rev. John Angell James, of Birmingham. There is no name I think just now that ought to be more venerated than his.” — Charles Haddon Spurgeon at the ceremony for laying the Metropolitan Tabernacle foundation stone