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EBOOK Essential Truths in the Heart of a Christian (Schortinghuis)

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This book presents a clear explanation of the main topics of the Reformed faith. Written in the catechetical style of question and answers, the book is noted for its succinctness and ample references to Scripture. The forty brief chapters are characterized by careful doctrinal distinctions, and each one concludes with a question or two asking what the particular subject means for the faith and spiritual reflection of the reader. For today's readers, it is both an ideal representation of the Dutch Further Reformation's attention to doctrine and piety, as well as an invitation to carry on that spiritual legacy.

Table of Contents:

  1. About the Knowledge of God from Nature
  2. About Religion
  3. About Holy Scripture
  4. About God’s Being and Names
  5. About God’s Perfections
  6. About the Holy Trinity
  7. About God’s Decrees – General and Special
  8. About Creation
  9. About God’s Providence
  10. About Service and the Law of God
  11. About the Covenant of Works
  12. About the Fall and Its Effects
  13. About Sin and the Punishment of All People
  14. About Satisfaction and God’s Righteousness
  15. About the Covenant of Grace
  16. About the Mediator of the Covenant
  17. About the Names of the Mediator, Jesus Christ
  18. About the Natures of the Mediator
  19. About the Offices of the Mediator
  20. About the State of Jesus’ Humiliation
  21. About the State of Jesus’ Exaltation
  22. About Effectual Calling
  23. About Regeneration
  24. About Saving Faith
  25. About the Levels of Saving Faith
  26. About Justification and its Blessed Fruits
  27. About Sanctification and Good Works
  28. About Prayer
  29. About Sealing
  30. About the Sacraments in General
  31. About Holy Baptism
  32. About the Lord’s Supper
  33. About Worthy and Unworthy Partakers and Ecclesiastical Discipline
  34. About the State of Man after Death
  35. About the Resurrection of All People
  36. About the Final Judgment
  37. About Eternal Damnation
  38. About Eternal Life
  39. About the Church
  40. About the Government of the Church

Series Description 

Classics of Reformed Spirituality Series offers fresh translations of key writings from the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, making them accessible to the twenty-first century church. These writings from the "Further Reformation" in the Netherlands offer a balance of doctrine and piety, a mingling of theology and life that has seldom been equaled in the history of Christianity. Each book in this series will provide invaluable insights into a vibrant part of the Christian heritage.


Wilhelmus Schortinghuis (1700-1750) was one of the final leaders of Dutch Further Reformation.


Harry Boonstra is a retired theological librarian at The Hekman Library, Calvin College and Seminary.

Gerrit W. Sheeres is a retired pastor in the Christian Reformed Church.


James A. De Jong is emeritus President and Professor of Historical Theology at Calvin Theological Seminary.


"Many will surely welcome this new access to the Dutch authors whose strong writings put faith and certainty into generations of their fellow countrymen. By their closeness to Scripture and their concern for heart and head (heat and light), they remain of enduring value." - Ian H. Murray, author of The Puritan Hope.

"The rich heritage of Reformed spirituality is long overdue for renewed attention. the Dutch Reformed Translation Society has done a great favor by making these translations available." - Luder G Whitlock Jr, president, Excelsis

"I am delighted that the Dutch Reformed Translation Society is at last making this material available in the English language. It is a landmark feature of our Reformed heritage, and it is rich food for the soul in this or any other age." - J. I. Packer, Regent College