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EBOOK Teach Them to Work: Building a Positive Work Ethic in Our Children (Beeke)

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Do your children exhaust you? Have you found yourself finishing their chores because it’s, well, easier than getting them to do them? If so, this book will give you new energy, and your household new harmony. This book will help your children develop a good work ethic.

Mary Beeke, healthcare professional, educator, and mother first helps you absorb parenting principles and then gives you practical principles to bring clarity to roles in your home. Mary breaks down the principles into manageable chunks so whether you want a reflective study to bring radical change in your life, or just need a shot in the arm, she has you covered.

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Table of Contents:

Introduction: How Work Began

PART 1: Parental Principles

1. Work Is Good for Kids

2. Foundations

3. It’s in the Atmosphere

4. Subdue Their Will to Set Them Free

5. Turn Over the Reins

6. Custom Training

7. Together Time

8. Don’t Spare for Their Crying

9. Praying and Thinking

10. Monitor Screen Time

PART 2: Practical Principles

11. Good No Matter What

12. Work Is What We Do

13. Let’s Go!

14. With All Your Might

15. Work Smart

16. Overcome Obstacles

17. Time Is a Treasure

18. Take Care of Your Stuff

19. Follow Your Talents

20. Natural Consequences

21. Enjoy the Good of Your Labor

22. Enjoy Your Labor

23. Rest and Perfect Work


Mary Beeke is the mother of Calvin, Esther, and Lydia. She has served as a registered nurse and an elementary teacher and has an M.A.T. in learning disabilities from Calvin College.


“Mary Beeke has given Christian parents a book that offers biblical, wise, clear, and practical counsel. This book helps parents inculcate godly work habits that offer satisfaction in meaningful, God-pleasing labor. I recommend it as a unique aid for the discipleship of children.” — Daniel M. Doriani, professor of theology and vice president, Covenant Theological Seminary

“This book is written by a mother who has seen it all. I doubt you’ve ever read a book with such a gold mine of real-life situations and practical suggestions for teaching your children to work. Mary identifies the objectives and troubleshoots the problems of teaching your children to be faithful workers. You will find that she comes as a fellow struggler in the task, sharing her own mistakes and misconceptions. All her practical advice, however, rests on the firm foundation of the theology of work. She builds her advice from the treasury of the Word of God. Like a good Puritan, she delivers the doctrine and then explains the practices of training your children to work.” — Scott Brown and Deborah Brown, Church and Family Life

“Mary Beeke has written a remarkable book on the privilege and art of raising children. It is theological, practical, insightful, helpful, and a delight to read. As I turned the pages, I felt as though I was reading from a Reformed or Puritan classic on the family that had been re-crafted by the pen of a contemporary writer and made accessible to all. I recommend this work without reservation not only to parents but also to their children. This is a wonderful gift to the family and the church! May it be read far and wide.” — Paul Washer, director, HeartCry Missionary Society

“Teach Them to Work breathes fresh life, honor, and joy into what many consider to be a ‘necessary evil’ that children should be protected from. Filled with foundational truths from God’s Word that flow into practical, everyday strategies, Teach Them to Work is a must-read for Christian parents who desire to instill a godly work ethic in their children that will result in a life of fruitfulness for God’s glory!” — Steve Craig, director, Homeschool Summits