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EBOOK The Grace of Salvation (Beeke & Smalley ed.)

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A single beam of God’s grace can fill the soul with awe, wonder, and holy fear. This grace is most brilliantly seen in his work of saving sinners through Jesus Christ. Saving grace displays all the attributes of God. Saving grace creates worshipers. Saving grace sets us free.
The authors of this book marvel together over various aspects of God’s saving grace, from the first promise of saving grace in Genesis to the glory of everlasting grace in Revelation. Contributors include Michael P. V. Barrett, Joel R. Beeke, Gerald M. Bilkes, Jonathan Gibson, Hensworth W. C. Jonas, David B. McWilliams, Adriaan C. Neele, Paul M. Smalley, and Daniel C. Timmer.


Preface —Joel R. Beeke and Paul M. Smalley 

Part 1: 

God’s Grace in the Old Testament 

1 The Promise of Grace (Gen. 3:15) —Joel R. Beeke 

2 The Grace of Divine Dwelling (Exodus 25–30) —Jonathan Gibson 

3 The Day of All Grace (Leviticus 16) —Michael P. V. Barrett 

4 Weeping Turned to Joy by Unmerited Grace (Zech. 12:10–13:9) —Daniel C. Timmer 

Part 2: 

God’s Grace in Christ Crucified 

5 The Christ of Grace (Luke 23:27–34) —Jonathan Gibson 

Part 3: 

God’s Grace in Saving the Lost 

6 The Grace of Regeneration (Eph. 2:1–10) —Adriaan C. Neele 

7 Justification by Grace through Faith Alone (Rom. 3:19–31) —David B. McWilliams 

8 The Grace of Adoption (Eph. 1:5–6) —David B. McWilliams 

Part 4: 

God’s Grace in Christian Experience and Hope 

9 The Maturation of Grace in Sanctification (Col. 3:5–11) —Hensworth W. C. Jonas 

10 The Endurance of Grace in a Temporary World (Isa. 51:6) —Hensworth W. C. Jonas 

11 The Glory of Everlasting Grace (Rev. 22:1–5) —Gerald M. Bilkes


“If ever you were tempted to think of grace as an insipid truth you had fully mastered, read this. Here is an eleven-course banquet of biblical good news to enlighten your mind, set your heart on fire, and leave you worshiping in wonder.”

—Michael Reeves, bestselling author of Gospel People: A Call for Evangelical Integrity

About the Authors & Editors

Joel R. Beeke is president and professor of homiletics and systematic theology at PRTS and a minister in the Heritage Reformed Congregations.

Paul M. Smalley is teaching and research assistant to Joel Beeke at PRTS.

Michael P. V. Barrett is senior research professor of biblical studies at Puritan Reformed Theological Seminary (PRTS), Grand Rapids, Michigan, and a minister in the Heritage Reformed Congregations. 

Gerald M. Bilkes is professor of biblical studies and program director for the MDiv and DMin at PRTS, and a minister in the Free Reformed Churches of North America. 

Jonathan Gibson is associate professor of Old Testament at Westminster Theological Seminary and an ordained teaching elder in the International Presbyterian Church, UK. 

Hensworth W. C. Jonas is presiding elder of the East Caribbean Baptist Mission (ECBM) Circuit of Churches in Antigua and Barbuda, and superintendent of the ECBM Baptist Schools. 

David B. McWilliams is senior pastor of Covenant Presbyterian Church, Lakeland, Florida, and formerly served as associate professor of systematic theology at Westminster Theological Seminary, Dallas, Texas. 

Adriaan C. Neele is vice president and professor of homiletics and historical theology at PRTS, and a research scholar at the Jonathan Edwards Center, Yale University, New Haven, Connecticut. 

Daniel C. Timmer is professor of biblical studies and director of the Ph.D. program at PRTS, and an ordained ruling elder in the Reformed Church of Quebec.