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Exposition of Ephesians (Lloyd-Jones) 8 Volume Set

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Dr. Lloyd-Jones’s much loved series on Ephesians is one of the most complete commentaries on that book. This eight-volume set displays the respected author’s elegant style and probing exegesis. Each volume covers a portion of the Book of Ephesians, from an overview of God’s ultimate purpose to an exploration of the Christian soldier.

Lloyd-Jones begins by showing how the first chapter of Ephesians is basic to all New Testament studies. He asserts that the great doctrine Paul lays out in this chapter illuminates the entire teaching of Ephesians. The series concludes with an examination of the general principles of spiritual warfare. Here, Lloyd-Jones discusses in detail the pieces of armor Paul mentions that make up “the whole armor of God.” Other issues Lloyd-Jones deals with include:

  • God’s way of reconciliation
  • The riches of Christ
  • Christian unity
  • Darkness and light
  • Life in the spirit
  • Christian warfare

Originally preached as sermons at Westminster Chapel, this commentary exhibits the author’s trademark blend of profound insight and practical application. Eight volumes comprise an unfailing resource for preachers and Bible teachers. However, they are equally rewarding for personal study. In fact, Christians at every stage of development will find them an invaluable guide to living the Christian life in today’s world.


D. Martyn Lloyd-Jones (1899-1981), a physician turned eminent preacher and author, succeeded G. Campbell Morgan at Westminster Chapel in London. His published messages are treasured worldwide as he blends theological perspectives with timely and practical applications.