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Faith on Trial - Psalm 73 (Lloyd-Jones)

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Why do good people suffer unjustly - and yet others get away with it? The Psalmist, Asaph, dealt with this very problem in Psalm 73 - one that has often perplexed and discouraged God's people. Asaph reveals his own 'no-holds-barred' feelings and leads us step by step from near-despair to final assurance. For this reason it has always appealed to preachers and counsellors. An excellent book for those struggling with, or wondering about, injustice in the world. 

Table of Contents: 

Foreword by Kevin DeYoung

  1. The Problem Stated
  2. Getting a Foothold
  3. The Importance of Spiritual Thinking
  4. Facing all the Facts
  5. Beginning to Understand
  6. Self-examination
  7. Spiritual Allergy
  8. ‘Nevertheless’
  9. The Final Perseverance of the Saints
  10. The Rock of Ages
  11. The New Resolution


"For anyone who has ever wondered if life is fair, or if God is fair, these sermons will speak to your predicament. The Doctor will apply the balm of Scripture to soothe your soul and strengthen your faith." - Kevin DeYoung ~ Senior Pastor, University Reformed Church. East Lansing, Mississippi

"When this book first appeared in 1965, I was an undergraduate reading chemistry and mathematics. I recall thinking as I read the book that this Lloyd-Jones chap (whom at that point I still had not met) had a God-given ability to meditate on a text, and ponder it within the framework of the entire Bible. I have not changed my mind, but I would now add as well that his exposition of Psalm 73 is saturated with spiritual wisdom designed to help Christians face trials and temptations of many sorts. I am very thankful to God to see this book come back into print." - D. A. Carson ~ Research Professor of New Testament, Trinity Evangelical Divinity School, Deerfield, Illinois

"...if there is anything that struck me forcibly when I first read Faith on Trial..., it was as I verbalized to myself: 'This man really loves people. Why, he could love me.' ...It was this love that took him into the practice of medicine and from medicine to preaching... Those who sat in the pews at Aberavon, and later at Westminster and throughout the United Kingdom as he preached widely, knew that the "little man" preaching to them really cared about them."  - Thomas N. Smith, associate editor of Reformation & Revival Journal.


Martyn Lloyd-Jones (1899-1981), minister of Westminster Chapel in London for 30 years, was one of the foremost preachers of his day. His many books have brought profound spiritual encouragement to millions around the world.