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From the Manger to the Throne (Gladd)

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The Gospel of Luke is a wonderfully detailed account of the ministry and miracles of Jesus Christ. What many readers don’t realize is that Luke, who was likely a Gentile, wrote his Gospel with a thorough knowledge of the Old Testament—pointing to Jesus’s life, ministry, and death as the culmination of Old Testament expectations and prophecy. 

In this addition to the New Testament Theology series, Benjamin L. Gladd explains the dominant biblical-theological themes in the Gospel of Luke, including the defeat of evil, peace in heaven and earth, the incorporation of the nations, and the kingdom of God. This resource is perfect for those looking to dig deeper into studying the interconnectedness of Scripture. 


List of Tables
Series Preface

Chapter 1: The Great Reversal 
Chapter 2: Peace on Earth and in Heaven
Chapter 3: Israel, the Gentiles, and Isaiah’s Servant
Chapter 4: The Way of Life
Chapter 5: The Success of the Last Adam
Chapter 6: The Son of Man’s Rule and the Ancient of Days
Chapter 7: The Year of Jubilee 

General Index
Scripture Index

About the Author:

Benjamin L. Gladd (PhD, Wheaton College) is professor of New Testament at Reformed Theological Seminary. He has written several books on biblical theology, edits the Essential Studies in Biblical Theology series, and serves on the editorial board of Themelios.


“If you love Luke’s Gospel, which exalts Jesus and shows him as the fulfillment of the Old Testament, you will love this treatment of Luke’s message. Full of insight and sensitive to Luke’s own hermeneutic of the wider message of Scripture, this book is a treasure.”
Craig S. Keener, F. M. and Ada Thompson Professor of Biblical Studies, Asbury Theological Seminary

“Open up Luke anew with the help of this fresh and faithful tour from a knowledgeable guide. Adam, the exodus, the wilderness, angels and demons, the Son of Man—it’s all there in the Gospel of Luke. Gladd considers these, and more, to help us see the rich Old Testament contours of our great Savior and his great work on our behalf.”
Brandon D. Crowe, Professor of New Testament, Westminster Theological Seminary


“The length, breadth, and depth of Luke’s Gospel can be daunting. Blending careful exegesis, theological synthesis, and canonical sensitivity, Benjamin Gladd provides an accessible and faithful exploration of some of its most significant themes, paying particular attention to their Old Testament roots. This book is ideal for enhancing one’s personal study, preparing to preach or teach, or even as a supplemental textbook in a class on Luke. Highly recommended!”
Matthew S. Harmon, Professor of New Testament Studies, Grace College and Theological Seminary; author, Asking the Right Questions: A Practical Guide to Understanding and Applying the Bible

“From the Manger to the Throne is required reading for students of Luke’s Gospel! Benjamin Gladd ably guides readers to see how Jesus fulfills Old Testament expectations as true Israel, the long-awaited messianic king, the incarnate Lord, and more, leading us to greater confidence in Christ and joyful participation in his kingdom.”
Brian J. Tabb, Academic Dean and Professor of Biblical Studies, Bethlehem College and Seminary

“The Third Gospel takes us from incarnation to ascension, or as Benjamin Gladd puts it, from the manger to the throne. We need to take this journey with Luke so that we might hear and rejoice in the good news—with Mary in her humble estate, with shepherds in a field, with tax collectors and sinners at meals, with Zacchaeus in a tree, and with the penitent criminal on the cross. Gladd discerns major themes and motifs to help us get our bearings, and he is a faithful guide who has insights to share and Old Testament connections to disclose. The theology of Luke’s Gospel ultimately reveals the person and work of Christ to us. Gladd’s work is clear, accessible, and edifying. Read it not only to understand more about Luke’s Gospel but also to join the angels in celebrating good news of great joy for all people.”
Mitchell L. Chase, Preaching Pastor, Kosmosdale Baptist Church, Louisville, Kentucky; Associate Professor of Biblical Studies, The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary