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Heroes and Heroines: Trailblazers Box Set

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Christian Focus
Paperback (Box Set)

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An Exciting and Inspiring Collection of Vividly Told Stories of Christians Who Really Made A Difference.

  • Half a Million of the Series Sold!
  • Five Books in the Box
  • Great for 9 – 14–year–olds
  • Stories for Both Girls and Boys
  • Box Sets Make an Excellent Gift for When a Single Book is Not Enough


When you think of who could be considered a real hero or heroine, there are lots of people who come to mind, and probably different for everyone. World changers from the past and present. Household names and people who are little known. Perhaps even those we know personally. Brave people who lived to tell the tale and those who did not.


However long the list is, it must surely include a young girl who endured life in a Nazi concentration camp for hiding Jews under threat and survived it all to live a life free from bitterness. And a man who faced and overcame the power of a government in his attempts to smuggle Bibles to people who were denied the freedom to have what they so desperately wanted. Also, a man imprisoned in solitary confinement for years, for sharing the message he believed to be worth everything. Then there is the man with almost no resources, who spent his life providing for over 10,000 orphaned children in a time when they were considered of little value, and creating 117 schools. He even went to The White House. Lastly an athlete who achieved great success and fame, eventually being the focus of a major movie, but was prepared to give it all up, despite national pressure, and eventually did so, to live in obscurity doing what he truly loved.


All very different people with different stories, which may seem a million miles from our lives, but must certainly deserve a place in life’s hall of fame. Read and be inspired – you never know what your story may turn out to be…



You Will Meet…

Corrie ten Boom‘s story is about how God’s love and forgiveness can exist even in a Nazi concentration camp. 

Brother Andrew grew up wanting adventure but not God. However God took charge of Andrew’s life and things changed. Andrew trusted in God and had the greatest adventure ever!

Richard Wurmbrand was arrested by the Government of Romania in the 1960s, and convicted of a crime – loving Jesus. 

George Müller was a thief but God changed him so he became a champion for orphans. This book is about how with God and faith you can change the world.

Eric Lidell is a sporting hero and a role model for many youngsters. But his life was more than medals – it was a race for God. Find out how this race took him to China.