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Marriages are Made in Heaven (Donald)

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Evangelical Press
When it comes to marriage and singleness our culture is torn. On one hand we idolize the Netflix image of the couple, who seem both fully loved and fully known. Yet on the other hand we also idolize our so-called freedoms and baulk at the lifelong commitment of marriage. We fear that we might make a mistake and end up with second best. We crave direction in our singleness or marriage but worry when the answers don't seem to appear.

In this book, Steve Donald argues that the mystery of God's sovereignty and human responsibility is the secret of success in marriage and singleness. First, he leads us through the biblical framework for seeking God's guidance in relationships, by making Christ the main thing. Then, in the marriage of John and Mary Newton and the singleness of John Stott and Frances Whitehead, he shows us how we can live for the glory of God and the blessing of many, no matter what our circumstances.

In all this, Steve helpfully reminds us that marriage is a divine idea a picture of God's covenant of salvation and points us forward to the wedding of Christ and his Bride, the perfect Marriage made in heaven.