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Musing on God's Music: Forming Hearts of Praise with the Psalms (Aniol)

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G3 Press

Why should the Psalms be read like a book, from beginning to end, instead of cherry picking Psalms we like? What are the overall themes of the five sections in Psalms, and how do they build toward a message of great hope? What do the Psalms—even the ones about the Israelites and the ones that invoke curses—mean for Christians today? How is Psalms one of the most important books for Christians living in twenty-first-century society? Find out all this and more inside this book on the Psalms by Scott Aniol!


“God calls his people to sing the Psalms so that we will be conformed to the image of His Son. Believers often treat the Psalms merely as doctrine hidden in poetry or as expressions of personal feelings. But, as Scott Aniol shows, God inspired the Psalter to shape our whole life—mind, heart, and conduct—as we sing the Psalms corporately in the gathered church and individually in daily life. Aniol offers profound reflections on the content and structure of the Psalms in a way that is both formative and informative.” -Joel R. Beeke, President, Puritan Reformed Theological Seminary, Grand Rapids, Michigan

“The past thirty years have been an intensive period of recovery of the magnificent doctrines of the Reformation. It is high time that all who delight in these doctrines give serious consideration to the importance of the Psalms since they were central to the reformation of worship. Scott Aniol does a wonderful job tracing the structure and themes of the Book of Psalms. Musing on God’s Music will help bring the Psalms to life for modern Christians! May God give this work much usefulness!” -Sam Waldron, President and Academic Dean, Covenant Baptist Theological Seminary

“Scott Aniol has done the church a great service with this excellent book on the nature and arrangement of the Psalms. Given to lead the people of God in their worship, Aniol has made a rich contribution to our understanding of this divinely-inspired hymn book. In these pages, he both broadens and deepens our strategic grasp of the God-intended intended use and strategic placement of the individual psalms. Carefully researched and well-written, every Christian and local church will be greatly helped in reassessing and reigniting their private and public worship of God.” -Steven J. Lawson, President, OnePassion Ministries

“In Musing on God’s Music, Scott Aniol calls the church to return to Psalm singing. He explains why. He shows how the Psalms equip us to experience the blessed life in every circumstance, through hardship, adversity, loss, lamentation and complaint. He unveils the structure of the Psalms which assist us in singing about the whole range of our experience. This is a wonderful guide for singing the Psalms. Out of the deep mine of the Psalms, Scott brings the treasures to the surface. He will help you see the Psalms with new eyes. He shows us how they paint pictures of reality—even hard realities. He shows us why we need to sing about those hard realities.” -Scott Brown, Pastor at Hope Baptist Church and Director of Church and Family Life