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Old Testament Sermons (M'Cheyne)

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At the beginning of the twentieth century, James Macdonald of Edinburgh purchased a box of old papers which had belonged to a preacher of around sixty years earlier. The contents might have seemed of little value, but to some they were altogether priceless. They were the notebooks and sermon notes of Robert Murray M’Cheyne, the godly and devoted minister of St Peter’s Church, Dundee.

From these papers, lodged in the library of New College, Edinburgh, Dr Michael D. McMullen has transcribed Old Testament Sermons.

They are indeed a precious treasure. Whether based on Old Testament or New, every sermon is full of Christ: the sinners need of Him, the fullness of His grace, the happiness of those who come to Him, and the danger of stopping short of genuine faith in Him. They will remind preachers and ordinary Christians alike that to preach Christ aright, one must first know Him, and live in the atmosphere of His love.

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Table of Contents: 

1. God’s Care for the Animal Creation (Num. 22:32) 1
2. The Cities of Refuge (Josh. 20) 9
3. The Waters Are Come In Unto My Soul (Psa. 69:1-3) 19
 4. I Will Praise Thee (Psa. 86:12-13) 29
 5. By the Rivers of Babylon (Psa. 137) 39
 6. Things That Must Be Done Now (Eccles. 9:10) 45
 7. His Name Shall Be Called Wonderful (Isa. 9:6) 50
 8. God’s Twofold Dealings with Natural Men (Isa. 28:14-18) 57
 9. For the People Shall Dwell in Zion (Isa. 30:19-21) 67
10. The Day of the Great Slaughter (Isa. 30:25-26) 76
 11. The Silence of Christ (Isa. 53:6) 83
 12. Delighting in the Sabbath (Isa. 58:13-14) 89
 13. The Spirit of the Lord Is upon Me (Isa. 61:1-2) 98
 14. The Harvest Is Past, the Summer Is Ended (Jer. 8:20-22) 102
 15. Give Glory to the Lord (Jer. 13:15-17) 113
 16. Can Thine Heart Endure? (Ezek. 22:14) 123
 17. The Way Hedged Up (Hos. 2:6) 135
18. O Israel, Return (Hos. 14:1-6) 139
 19. Trust Not in a Friend (Mic. 7:5-7) 150
 20. A Pure Language (Zeph. 3:9-11) 155
 21. The Candlestick and the Olive Trees (Zech. 4:2-6) 159
22. Not by Might, Nor by Power (Zech. 4:6) 167
 23. The Lord Hearkening to His People (Mal. 3:16) 171


Robert Murray McCheyne (1813-1843), has had a tremendous impact through his preaching and writing not only on the people of his generation but through his writings ever since. Robert Murray M'Cheyne was one of Scotland’s greatest preachers from 1835 to 1843. He died in his thirtieth year and in the seventh year of ministry while he was the pastor of St Peter's Free Church. His epitaph describes him as a man who 'was honoured by his Lord to draw many wanderers out of darkness into the path of life'.