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Preaching in the Holy Spirit (Martin)

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Good pastors pray for the Holy Spirit’s help in preparing biblical sermons that will adequately feed God’s sheep. They also hope for the Spirit’s work in the hearts of the hearers so that they effectively receive the preached Word. But are these the only ways that preachers must depend on the Spirit in their preaching? In this book, Albert N. Martin reminds gospel ministers of their need to rely on the Holy Spirit as they proclaim God’s Word. He explains the necessity of the agency and operations of the Holy Spirit, describes its specific manifestations, and discusses ways it is restrained or diminished. Here is a prophetic call to reliance on God in the very act of proclaiming His Word. 

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Table of Contents:


1. The Agency and Operations of the Spirit in Preaching

2. The Indispensable Necessity of the Spirit in Preaching

3. Specific Manifestations of the Spirit in Preaching

4. Restrained or Diminished Measure of the Spirit in Preaching

5. Conclusion



Albert N. Martin served as a pastor of Trinity Baptist Church of Montville, New Jersey for forty-six years. He now resides in western Michigan with his wife, Dorothy.



“Who better to write a book on preaching in the Holy Spirit than Albert N. Martin? This gifted preacher, long-known for his own passionate expositions, has provided us with this insightful book that details the hallmarks of Spirit-energized preaching. In recent years, there has been a renewed interest in expository preaching, but much of it has produced little more than dry, lifeless, tame lecturing. But true preaching, Martin argues, is quite different. Spirit-empowered preaching is delivered with penetrating insight, enlarged affections, deeper certainty, and fervent zeal. Every preacher should periodically read this book on Saturday night before entering the pulpit on Sunday morning.” Steven J. Lawson, Senior Pastor Christ Fellowship Baptist Church Mobile, Alabama