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Rescue Skills: Essential Skills for Restoring the Sexually Broken (Holmes)

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Do you know someone who is struggling with sexual addiction? Unfortunately, given our hypersexualized culture and the accessibility of pornography, it’s likely that you do. Recovery is a difficult journey—one that none should take alone. How can you help?

In this practical handbook, counselors Deepak Reju and Jonathan Holmes provide a treasure trove of straightforward, biblical strategies for guiding a fellow believer—male or female, old or young—toward recovery. You’ll learn how to listen well, develop a plan, encourage good accountability, provide support during relapses, and, by God’s grace, keep your friend focused on Christ throughout. The conversations may be uncomfortable, but this is a matter of eternal importance! 

Although it can stand alone, Rescue Skills pairs with Rescue Plan, also by Reju and Holmes, for maximum effectiveness. Together these two books show how to develop and execute a comprehensive plan for fighting pornography addiction in a wide range of circumstances.

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Jonathan Holmes is the counseling pastor at Parkside Church in Cleveland, Ohio, the executive director of Fieldstone Counseling, and a member of the Biblical Counseling Coalition.

Deepak Reju is pastor of the biblical counseling and family ministries at Capitol Hill Baptist Church in Washington, DC, and serves on the Biblical Counseling Coalition’s board of directors.





“Has the potential to . . . change the way you offer ministry to women and men who battle sexual sin.”


—Ellen Mary Dykas, Women’s Ministry Director, Harvest USA



“The most realistic yet hope-filled book I’ve read on helping people with pornography.” 


—Alasdair Groves, Executive Director, Christian Counseling & Educational Foundation



“Compassionate, fresh, practical, convicting, and reproducible. . . . The right book at the right time.”


—Dave Harvey, President, Great Commission Collective



“Offers the most comprehensive approach . . . to equip counselors to offer wise, practical, biblical advice to people who indulge in pornography.”


—Jim Newheiser, Executive Director, The Institute for Biblical Counseling and Discipleship



“A stockpile of necessary wisdom. . . . Your arsenal will be filled with multidimensional tactics specific to the battle against porn.”


—Jenny & Curtis Solomon, Authors, Reclaim Your Marriage and Redeem Your Marriage



“Accessible, practical, and dripping with grace—it’s a book I’ll undoubtedly be coming back to time and again.”


—Helen Thorne, Director of Training and Resources, Biblical Counselling UK