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Sarah Edwards: Delighting in God (James)

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Evangelical Press

When the great preacher Jonathan Edwards wanted to describe what authentic revival looks like, he looked to his wife Sarah. A transformative experience empowered her to delight and trust in God, even through the darkest of times. She could testify: “I felt such a disposition to rejoice in God, that I wished to have the world join me in praising him.”

Sharon James gives an engaging account of Sarah’s life, and includes Sarah’s full first-hand account of her formative revival experience. It will inspire the reader not only to delight in God, but to work and pray for revival in our own day.


"Sharon James reveals how heartfelt communion with God was not merely a duty but a delight for Jonathan Edwards’ wife, Sarah. Reading Sarah Edwards’ first-hand account of how God met with her in an extraordinary way will encourage the reader to pray for and work toward revival today."

— Karin Stetina, Associate Professor of Biblical and Theological Studies, Biola University and author of Jonathan Edwards’ Early Understanding of Religious Experience

"Sharon James’s portrait of Sarah Edwards is a deeply moving case study in what Jesus meant when he said, ‘For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also’ (Matthew 6:21). Sarah Edwards’ delight in God will increase your desire to experience what Scripture so wonderfully promises: ‘Delight yourself in the Lord, and he will give you the desires of your heart’ (Psalm 37:4)."

— Jon Bloom, author & cofounder of Desiring God

"I’ve been hoping for another biography by Sharon James, and Sarah Edwards Delighting in God does not disappoint. Sarah Edwards didn’t lead an easy life but her extraordinary experience of the love of God left her longing to know ever deeper the God in whom she delighted. Read Sarah Edwards and find yourself caught up in the love of God alongside her, and then pray for revival in your own heart, church and city."

— Keri Folmar, speaker & author

"On the work of the Holy Spirit in Christian experience, Sarah Edwards’ testimony from 1742 has a place of enduring significance. Sharon James uses Sarah’s own account as a centre-piece in this attractive and challenging biography. Sarah Edwards: Delighting in God will introduce many new readers to a period of evangelical history important for today."

— Iain H. Murray, speaker & author of numerous books including Jonathan Edwards: A New Biography

"Sharon James’s delightful account brings a remarkable eighteenth-century woman of deep spirituality to life. This is a vibrant, heart-warming, historical account which challenges us for biblical twenty-first-century living. Sarah Edwards’ deep sense of sin, experience of the overwhelming love of God and her joy in her Saviour will bring you closer to the Lord Jesus as you similarly trust in his sovereign care. This is an inspiring book."

— Elinor Magowan, Director for Women’s Ministry, FIEC