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The Art of Turning from Sin to Christ for a Joyfully Clear Conscience (DeYoung)

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The conscience seems somewhat mysterious. We’re often not really sure how to listen to it, if we can trust it or what role it should play in our lives. 

Kevin DeYoung shows us it isn’t something to be puzzled over but rather that a conscience is something good, given by God. As you read this book, you'll discover freedom from the low-level guilt and shame we commonly experience. DeYoung explains that when we daily turn to Christ, we experience a clear conscience that comes with knowing that Jesus’ blood covers all our wrong.


"Short enough to read in one sitting, significant enough to change your whole life." - Nancy Guthrie, Bible teacher and author

"This is a wonderfully clear teaching about a joyfully clear conscience. It’s instructive and even perhaps surprising to hear all the Bible has to say on this topic we too often neglect. These words spur us on to walk in open relationship with God, through his Spirit, conscience cleansed by the blood of Christ." - Kathleen Nielson, The Gospel Coalition

"Kevin DeYoung engagingly explains what the conscience is, how to have a clear one, and why it matters." - Andy Naselli, assistant professor of New Testament and theology at Bethlehem College & Seminary in Minneapolis, co-author of 'Conscience'

"Our conscience is always with us yet its unique purpose in the Christian life is not often explored. This book takes a practical look at the role of the conscience through the lens of Scripture and puts a spotlight on needed truth. It is a resource that gets the reader to dive in with both feet and experience the powerful encouragement and fundamental conviction that the conscience brings to the Christian life. Kevin convincingly helps readers to understand how our consciences are intrinsically connected to our spiritual decline or flourishing. As a biblical counselor I am grateful for this resource as it is sure to be helpful for anyone who reads it." - Eliza Huie, author and counselor

"This excellent short book takes us, through the lens of a proper Biblical understanding of conscience, to the heart of the Gospel. It is written for Christians, and will do us much good, but I will feel confident in handing it to those exploring the Christian faith." - William Taylor, St Helen's Bishopsgate, London