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The Bond of Love: God's Covenantal Relationship with the Church

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A guide for us as we seek to apply Covenant theology to the challenges which contemporary Christians have to face in the culture they live and witness.



David McKay is Professor of Systematic Theology, Ethics and Apologetics at the Reformed Theological College, Belfast, and Minister of Shaftesbury Square Reformed Presbyterian Church in Belfast. He is the author of ‘An Ecclesiastical Republic’ (1997) and ‘The Bond of Love’ (2001) and has contributed to a number of theological journals and books. He is married to Valerie.



"David McKay has accomplished a remarkable goal in this book. He covers the full range of the topics of Christian doctrine from the standpoint of Covenant Theology, showing the relevance of the covenant in all aspects of faith and life. This is, in fact, a covenantal systematic theology. Particularly useful is McKay's treatment of contemporary issues from a covenant perspective: e.g., neo-orthodoxy, the New Age Movement, feminism, evolutionism, the "open view of God," etc. He interacts with an amazing range of Reformed authors, from Calvin to the Puritans to Murray, Van Til, and Reymond. I enthusiastically commend this work, and will use it in my Seminary courses." - Wayne R. Spear, Professor Emeritus of Systematic Theology, Reformed Presbyterian Theological Seminary, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

"This robust restatement of covenant theology is not a backwards looking exercise, but drawing on a comprehensive knowledge of the past the author applies the doctrines and insights of covenant theology to the contemporary scene. He does so in a clear and engaging style, not shirking from dealing with difficulties and controversies, but always focusing matters on the life of the individual and the church." - John L. Mackay, (1948–2018) Professor of Old Testament (1983–2013), Free Church College, Edinburgh

"Covenant Theology is a way of understanding the entire biblical message from Genesis to Revelation as essentially one theme. It covers everything, and anyone who writes on it must not only be familiar with biblical themes, but must also be able to integrate historical, systematic and practical theology in such a way that what results is comprehensive and comprehensible. McKay manages to all of this with breathtaking ease. I have been waiting for over twenty years for such a book. This is it." - Derek W. H. Thomas, Senior Minister of Preaching and Teaching, First Presbyterian Church, Columbia, South Carolina