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The Doubting Believer (Sedgwick)

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Puritan Obadiah Sedgwick sets out to help us answer a question almost every believer has asked: Am I really a Christian? 

In this treatise fashioned by pastoral wisdom and care, Sedgwick addresses the doubt that Christians often feel in their walk with Christ. By discerning the nature and types of doubts and expertly providing applications, the author provides tender comfort to the hearts of Christian readers. Sedgwick urges Christians to reflect deeply on their faith to see how the pursuit of piety, trust in the promises of Scripture, and a love for God lead to the full assurance of faith. 


  1. The Nature of Doubtings
  2. Four Sorts of Doubtings
  3. Question: May Doubtings Consist with a True Faith?
  4. The Springs of Doubtings
  5. The Cures of Doubtings

An Addition: Four Causes of Doubting with a Brief Resolution of Them   

Appendix: The Nature and Danger of Heresies 


“Doubt is a characteristic human problem. We all struggle with it from time to time, and some more than others. Sedgwick, in careful Puritan fashion, examines different aspects of doubt: why we have it, how it manifests in our lives in different ways, how we make it worse, and ultimately how we can find a cure for it. The Doubting Believer provides a fresh and vibrant corrective to the extremes of presumption and despair and charts a path for Christians to find not only a cure for the doubts that plague them but the comfort of an assured faith in the midst of weakness.”

 —Randall J. Pederson, coauthor of Meet the Puritans

About the Author

Obadiah Sedgwick (ca.1600–1658) was a Puritan pastor and prominent member of the Westminster Assembly. His other works that have modern editions include The Anatomy of Secret Sins, Christ's Counsel to His Languishing Church, and Providence Handled Practically